cycling messenger bags chrome - Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag: A Whole Day Cycle

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag: A Whole Day Cycle


The surrounding environment was never more supportive of you taking your bicycle and riding into town. However, you’ll need the right bag with you, like this messenger bag from Chrome Citizen.

With 40 liters of interior space, this bag is ready to haul all the gear you need for a day on the town. It swallows 17-inch laptops for breakfast and still has enough room to house a change of clothes, your lunch, books, a water bottle, and a couple of snacks – Perfect for commuting. The super-tough outer fabric will withstand years of beatings and the weatherproof truck-tarp liner, with military spec binding, prevents its seams from being exposed to the outside world. It is basically a whole day cycle. Continue reading

leather rucksack islington 3 - The Islington Rucksack: Old School - New Design

The Islington Rucksack: Old School – New Design


The world of backpacks is varied and has a vast range of options for you to choose from. For those of us who look for both practicality and style, we have the Islington Rucksack by Brooks Heritage Saddles. Crafted from old-fashioned waxed cotton canvas with leather reinforcements, the Islington Rucksack will blend in an authentic Irish pub as it will in the latest hipster NYC hotspot.

This bag is all about quality. The roll top under the flap lets the pack expand in capacity from 30 to 43 liters, while generously-sized front pockets keep you organized. The unique harness can be worn in the traditional way, or in a crossover style for extra-safe carrying in rough neighborhoods. This backpack brings a new design to the old school rucksack and does it in the most fashionable manner. Continue reading

ipad laptop courier bag 2 - No. 42 Courier Bag: Old School for Modern Times

No. 42 Courier Bag: Old School for Modern Times


“How many roads must a man walk down?” Well, no matter which road you’ll choose, the Courier Bag No. 42 will make sure you’ll look sharp carrying both your laptop and iPad. This beautiful leather bag features solid brass hardware and a unique copper tube across the spine to equally distribute the weight of the bag when loaded. The bag is reinforced at key points with brass rivets and secured with an old-school-style snap closure. The brass lock may be parked when not in use.

Inside, a leather pocket holds both laptop and iPad, and other pockets organize pens, stylus, business cards, etc. The design is topped off with a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. An old school bag for modern times. Continue reading

leather flask lighter gift set - Leather Flask & Lighter Gift Set: Classy Sins

Leather Flask & Lighter Gift Set: Classy Sins


Whether we agree on it or not, smoking and drinking is part of our modern lives, so we might as well do it with elegance and style. This gorgeous leather flask and lighter gift set will make sure you look your best when you’re “Oh so bad”.

The beautiful Beau Monde flask holds eight ounces of your favorite drink in its leather covered, stainless steel body. The satin silver lighter will amaze you with its torch flame, lit by a single action ignition. Both items can also be engraved so be sure to create a completely personalized gift when you order it. One word – Classy. Continue reading

magnetic work gear magnogrip 3 - MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband: Handy

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband: Handy


The fact that I’m left handed as far as using any tool on my own, should not keep me from treating my DIY friends. The Magnetic Wristband is such a simple and smart gadget that any tool man (or woman) would love to have, you know just in case.

It’s actually a magnetic wristband that keeps tools on your wrist while you work – Ideal for holding nails, screws, fasteners, wrenches and small tools. Finish jobs in less time and with less frustration. Oh, and by the way, there’s also a Pink one for the ladies – extremely handy. Continue reading

car stickers lashes 3 - Car Lashes and Crystal Eyeliner: cute and coy

Car Lashes and Crystal Eyeliner: cute and coy


Eye lashes and crystal eyeliner for cars? Okay I have to admit these are really, really, unnecessary but so much fun that I couldn’t resist getting them. I love my little car, I haven’t yet reached the stage where I have invested in personalizing it (you know, like getting expensive alloy wheels, hand-painted artwork, dangling rear view mirror ornaments or dashboard covers) but secretly I have pet names for it and sometimes I “spoil” it with little presents like vanilla scented car freshener(!).

I may have watched the “cars” animated movie too many times, but after I park my car and hear the “beep-beep” of the lock I look at its front with the two headlights and the shape of the grill and it always seems to be smiling at me. This is why I like this coy car craze: The Car Lash – fun fake eyelashes that are designed to fit on most cars. Continue reading

suitcase stickers sticky4 - Suitcase stickers: putting yourself in a sticky situation!

Suitcase stickers: putting yourself in a sticky situation!


One of the most frustrating things I find about flying is the time I spend at the baggage carrousel trying to identify my suitcase in time to grab it as it rolls past me. Like most people, I too have devised different ways to personalize my luggage: tying colored ribbons to the handle, writing my initials in tape on the front etc… this usually works, but still I sometimes find myself struggling to manhandle an oversized suitcase only to discover it isn’t mine.

The creative minds at have come up with a solution to this problem – The Suitcase Sticker – and before going on my last trip I decided to check them out. Continue reading

keyport keychain 3 - Keyport: streamline your keychain

Keyport: streamline your keychain


1 car key, 2 house keys, 2 keys to the office, 1 key for the mailbox , 1 key to my parent’s apartment and the spare key for my son’s bike – everyday I carry around 8 keys. I admit this is cumbersome and noisy and every time I reach a door it takes me a while to find the right key.
As with most things, I got used to this situation until I found a simple solution. Realizing that I most probably wasn’t the only person lugging a bulky keychain I decided to share my knowledge and tell you about the Keyport. Continue reading

sports watch headstream - Headstream Sports Watch: guiding you through

Headstream Sports Watch: guiding you through


Any backpacker knows this – when going outdoors it is very important to keep yourself informed with as many details as possible, such as: altitude, temperature, compass, etc. The Headstream Sports Watch, from Columbia, will keep you well-informed in any activity or adventure you take on.

It is the state-of-the-art for all watches aimed at outdoors activity. In addition to its digital altimeter, barometer, and compass, this watch also features a Sail Timer for the water racer, allowing you to focus on where the boat needs to go while the Headstream keeps track of when it needs to get there. Whatever you do, wherever you do it – it’ll be there to assist you and guide you through. Continue reading

duffel bags lode hauler - Columbia Lode Hauler Duffel Bag: Pack it all in

Columbia Lode Hauler Duffel Bag: Pack it all in


One of the annoying things in packing is the need to plan ahead as there’s limit to the space you have. Imagine yourself a bag so big that you can literally throw in whatever you want without any worries. This is the Lode Hauler Duffel Bag from Columbia.

Super-tough, made of 100% polyester tarmac, this large duffel bag is lined with a sleek, durable PE plastic material that can easily be wiped clean. The main zipper is inset in super-stretchy Spandura fabric, so just when you think you’ve completely over packed, the zipper area stretches and there you go. Anytime you want to go, simply pack it all in, no need to plan ahead – just go. Continue reading