market tote built2 - Built Market Tote: Shop In Style

Built Market Tote: Shop In Style


The key element to smart and enjoyable shopping is having the right bag. The colorful Market Tote, from Built, is exactly that – just right. Constructed of thick, protective neoprene (the wetsuit material), makes it flexible, durable, and stain-resistant, while its sturdy, soft-grip handles make it comfortable to carry.

This tote stretches to fit everything on the list. And if you’re traveling, it’s perfect for carrying snacks and magazines for the plane or car ride. This Tote is built to last; you can use it over and over again as a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to paper or plastic bags. The added bonus – there’s no need to worry about spills: simply machine wash cold and drip dry. As it comes in variety of patterns, you can choose the one you love the most and go on your way, feeling special and looking so fashionable. Continue reading

travel organizer cargo3 - Built Cargo Travel Organizer: Going Places

Built Cargo Travel Organizer: Going Places


Packing up is always a challenging task, especially packing up all your digital gadgets. With Built’s Cargo Travel Organizer you could be sure that all your electronics are in place, safe and protected. This is the real deal – it has four compartments streamline transporting electronics accessories including chargers, cords, and adapters; it is made from protective neoprene and therefore it could stretch to fit a range of accessories and is water and stain resistant. There’s not much more you could ask from one bag when you’re going places, isn’t there? Continue reading

travel bag tumi townhouse 4 - Tumi Townhouse Carry-More: Travel In Style

Tumi Townhouse Carry-More: Travel In Style


There are few things in life that some of us just have to have. It’s not a matter of life or death, just a small treat for each and every one of us. The ultra-elegant Townhouse Carry-More bag from Tumi, is just that – a great treat. You’re going on your holiday, you planned it all out, it is your time, so you might as well go all the way and pamper yourself with this beautiful bag. Priced at approx. $500, this bag is an ideal blend of sophisticated styling and signature organizational features, made from Tumi’s ballistic nylon with elegant leather trim.

It’s not just the style, it’s more than that; it’s the feeling. The feeling of breaking out from daily routine, breaking out from daily chores, it is that special, very rare, feeling we get when we’re treating ourselves. Continue reading

tumi messenger bag voyageur - Tumi Voyageur Bag Collection: Set & Ready To Go

Tumi Voyageur Bag Collection: Set & Ready To Go


The Voyageur collection by Tumi is stylish, functional and comfortable – I’m telling you this bag collection has it all and then some. Featuring a backpack, messenger bag, business briefcase, foldable tote, shopper, carry-all satchel and more, the elegant, lightweight Voyageur bag collection is suitable for everyday use or a single day travel, featuring loads of interior and exterior organizer pockets. The best part is it all comes in a stylish design, so whether you’re going to a museum or taking the train out of the city, you’re all set and ready to go, looking elegant and sharp. Continue reading

quiver bag body ninja3 - Hideo Wakamatsu Body III Ninja: Bag Pack

Hideo Wakamatsu Body III Ninja: Bag Pack


When it comes to bags, comfort and accessibility are important features. With the Body III Ninja Bag you get them both. This is not just a stylish bag this is a ninja bag; it’s part of Hideo Wakamatsu III line, featuring multiple exterior pockets and easy access for everything you need. It is a waterproof, lightweight and durable bag with washed Japanese canvas as main material. The size of this bag could fit anything you need and then some – Ninja! Continue reading

pill box set move - Move: One Set – 4 Products

Move: One Set – 4 Products


The Move is the ultimate example for less is more. Combining 4 different usages to one set, the Move serves as your money clip and credit card holder, your key holder and a place to keep your pills. Rarely do we see such a unique set that addresses four major aspects of our daily routine; the move is definitely putting high standard with its classic, minimalist design that will have you sorted while looking sharp and stylishly modern. Continue reading

car toy automoblox 2 - Automoblox: Back To The Future

Automoblox: Back To The Future


The Automoblox is not just a regular, good old-fashioned wooden car; it is a unique toy combined with innovative thinking, of using the best of the past and the goods of the present; it is a fusion of heirloom craftsmanship and ultra-modern styling, transformed into a mix-and-match design system that allows children to collect and create their own unique car styles, while experiencing joy, imagination and creativity.

Starting with a stylish wooden body, kids add wheels, windows, and unique customizing details; each car in the series has its own unique VIN number, just like a real car; all cars can mix and match with others in the series to create a very unique ride, while your child can actually learn valuable skills using good-old fashioned design – back to the future. Continue reading

aerios daypack 14 3 - Aerios Daypack 14: All In One

Aerios Daypack 14: All In One


Aerios Daypack 14 is the ultimate backpack for any outdoor daily activity. It may seem too small, but don’t be mislead by its appearance; this magical backpack has some serious tricks in its sleeves.

The external stretch-mesh kangaroo pocket is able to take a surprising amount of gear; there’s a modular bungee system for compression or cargo hauling expandability, and a modular waist belt that can be positioned higher on the abdomen for superior bounce control. When you add-in all these amazing features you can see this backpack has quite an impressive internal volume – everything you can ask for in a single light-weight backpack. Continue reading

laptop bag nopa 3 - The Nopa Laptop Bag: Packs It All In

The Nopa Laptop Bag: Packs It All In


The stylish Nopa bag, by Acme Made, has set the bar high for all other laptop bags. It’s a uniquely designed bag, wrapped entirely in the rugged, water and stain resistant new BombShell technical fabric. The unique tri-fold design lets you bundle everything from a jacket to books to a skateboard along with your laptop – all with the profile and price of a sleeve. You can literally pack it all in. Continue reading

laptop case kate 2 - The Kate: {Laptop} Case Is Closed

The Kate: {Laptop} Case Is Closed


The Kate, by Acme Made, is the ultimate combination between style, chic, elegance and class and a practical day-to-day laptop case with lots of useful features. The inner laptop compartment is fully padded and fits most laptops up to 16″, featuring two outer zippered pockets which are slanted for convenience and easy accessibility. From the contrasting trim and interior fabric, to the slanted front pockets, the Kate is the perfect bag for work, school, or play. Continue reading