alessi king queen chin - King & Queen Chin Bookmarker: A Royal Story

King & Queen Chin Bookmarker: A Royal Story


One of the things I love the most is when I read a book and I simply can not put it down. Do you know this feeling? You simply can’t get enough, and the more you read, the more you are drawn into it. It could even make me skip my regular visit to the gym or miss my favorite show on TV – It’s crazy.

My friends and family know this, and every time I lay my hands on a really good book, they prepare themselves to see very little of me. But there comes a time when you actually have to do other things and face the real world, so I’ve decided to treat myself to the ever-so-charming King & Queen Chin bookmarker from Alessi. Continue reading

toddler toy max lorette - Sibis Max and Lorette: Toddler's Tag Along Toy

Sibis Max and Lorette: Toddler’s Tag Along Toy


Some things in life are just so cute that none of us are able to resist… Have a look at these gorgeous toys – Max and Lorette, made by Sibis. Both are indeed a work of art, taking us back to the good old days where toys were made of wood and left children with enough room for imagination and inspiration. Continue reading

heat packs lavender spa2 - Sonoma Lavender Spa Collection: Cuddly Relaxation

Sonoma Lavender Spa Collection: Cuddly Relaxation


Every winter it seems that my muscles cannot adjust to the temperature and I’m aching all over. It’s the sort of pain that won’t let go since its source is the cold. My partner decided to treat me with something special and different – all of a sudden, I felt something warm and cuddly that smelled like a very special blend of herbal tea – It was the neck pillow by Sonoma Lavender Spa Collection. As medicines don’t work, I was more than ready to try anything else. I’m so glad I did. Continue reading

kids holiday kitchen book - Getting Creative with Kids for the Holidays

Getting Creative with Kids for the Holidays


Nowadays, it’s not that easy to tempt children away from their TV shows, computer games and other digital gadgets. That’s why this holiday season is the perfect time for creative family fun for both parents and children alike.

These books are full of unique holiday craft and snack ideas – whether you’re looking to get busy with glue, paper, and scissors, or maybe channel some of that holiday spirit toward the kitchen and get creative with kid-friendly projects that children will love making, and then eating – I’m sure each one will bring joy and laughter to you and the kids in your life. Continue reading

beedle the bard collectors - Harry's Stocking Stuffers

Harry’s Stocking Stuffers


Last night we went to see the new harry potter and the deathly hallows movie. I really enjoyed it – all 146 minutes of it… Some would say it’s quite long however, for me, it was pure joy. Here are a few more brilliant stocking stuffers from Harry’s wizarding world. Continue reading

jimmyjane massage candle - Jimmyjane ContourM Afterglow: I Got Your Back

Jimmyjane ContourM Afterglow: I Got Your Back


Well, as far as it comes to treating your special someone, I have to admit I’m a massage addict. Let’s be honest – there’s nothing like a good massage to have your partner relaxed and spice up the atmosphere… The only pickle is that the hands get tired after a short while, as we’re not professionals. I got exactly what I was looking for when I saw the Jimmyjane Sensory Set. It has ceramic massage stone and an afterglow candle. This is the perfect set, as it contains everything we need to create the right mood. Continue reading

harry potter pc game set - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, like me, then you probably cant wait to check out the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie that’s about to come out, and the new Wizarding World Amusement Park in the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, also described as the “next part of the Potter legacy”. All I know is that this holiday season will not be complete without a few awesome Christmas gifts from this magical wizard’s world. Continue reading

laptop sleeve baubau 12 50x50 - BauBau Laptop Sleeve: The Ultimate Protection

BauBau Laptop Sleeve: The Ultimate Protection


For us laptop buffs there’s not a single moment of relaxation as far as our laptop is concerned. We constantly worry about it, and it gets worse once we have to leave the safety of our house and go out there… Most of the time I’m afraid that whatever I do, my laptop is just not protected enough; if it’s the rain that can penetrate my bag, or other stuff in my bag that could pressure it or even scratch it. Continue reading

steampunk jewelry 3 - Steampunk Jewelry: Victorian Fantasy

Steampunk Jewelry: Victorian Fantasy


When it comes to reading material, fantasy would be my favorite choice; J.R.R. Tolkien, Jonathan Stroud, Philip Pullman and the inevitable George R.R. Martin, to name a few. As I was writing about the classic floor lamp by Jamie Young, I came across the term Steampunk – A sub-genre of a world where steam power is still widely used – often referring to the 19th century and Victorian era Britain.

It features anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them, incorporating fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Today, I would like to share a few dazzling pieces of jewelry and artifacts, designed in a pseudo-Victorian mechanical steampunk style, that would transport you into the realm of fantasy and magic. Continue reading

notebook bag portpack - PortPack Notebook Bag: Top Class

PortPack Notebook Bag: Top Class


When it comes to laptop bags, I believe the most crucial part is how comfortable you feel walking around with the bag while your laptop is inside. I must say that most of my “laptop traveling” days were quite bad, my shoulders were aching shortly after I started walking, turning the whole experienec into an unpleasant one. Thanks to the PortPack Notebook Bag with its super thick padded shoulder strap and even weight distribution, those days were over. Not only that, the bag has so much more to offer; Continue reading