digital pocket watch - Digital Pocket Watch

Digital Pocket Watch


According to designer Marc Owens, a gentleman’s pocket watch is always in style, although this watch has changed from the traditional analog mechanism to a compacted digital display.

The black semi opaque covering was formed to fit the original glass, completing the transformation of this classic time piece.



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5 thoughts on “Digital Pocket Watch

  1. krystyn

    Where can I purchase a digital pocket watch like this one. Please send me a email. My boyfriends birthday is comming up and this would be perfect. Thanks

  2. dorothy

    I have been looking for a Vintage digital pocket watch for someone special, I am in dire need of it by September. I don’t have a lot of money but I’m willing to spend 200-250 for the pocket watch. Is there any way that I can be referred to Marc Owens company or someone who has a similar look. Its imperative that I find this pocket watch, I’ve been looking for 3 years. If someone can contact me by email, I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you!

  3. Abraham

    Where can I buy that pocket watch?

    I’ve been looking for a classic digital one… Thanks for considering my request!



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