tiny prefab cabin france 800x534 - France Prefab Tiny House

France Prefab Tiny House

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered to yourself: “Hey, myself, what would it look like if I were to live in a small prefab house that looked like a giant French flag?” Well, my friend, you’re in luck! That’s exactly what design-build firm Pin-Up Houses has gifted the world.

The” French” is a tiny cabin fit for the rolling hills of Burgundy and is comprised of three overlapping interior spaces that correlate to each of the three colors of the French Flag. Sound crazy? It is. It also happens to be awesome. Continue reading

small house courtyard ma 800x565 - Alfred House

Alfred House

The Alfred house is a two-sided sheet of origami paper, folded and creased and flipped on top of itself to create a dichotomy of space and light that oddly results in a serene and accommodating Australian home. Maynard Architects have crafted a bright urban sanctuary that stands out as much as it blends in with the existing city fabric. It’s small, simple, elegant, and creates just enough visual intrigue to keep guests on their toes. Continue reading

shipping container home 2ad 800x863 - Flying Box Villa

Flying Box Villa

What’s better than a shipping container home that doesn’t look like one? How about a container home that redefines everything we thought we knew about prefabricated design? That’s exactly what we have with the aptly named Flying Box Villa by French architecture firm 2A Design. This small modern home is a visual blur – an aesthetic tour de force that is as unique as it is functional. Continue reading

modern prefab cabin minimod 800x533 - Minimod


A home so tiny it could fit on this page, yet an idea so large it bursts through architectural boundaries on its way to redefining what it means to live small. The prefab Minimod by MAPA Architects presents a new take on the small cabin . You won’t find a lofted bed over a cramped kitchen or any sort of Jimmy rigged steel trailer here – only a careful crafted object of obsession where no detail was left undeveloped, and not a square inch wasted. Yes, anyone can build a tiny home. Almost no one can Minimod. Continue reading

tiny house design heirloom 800x749 - Tiny Heirloom Homes

Tiny Heirloom Homes

Tiny Heirloom Homes is a family run business out of Portland, Oregon that does one thing and one thing only: builds purely custom tiny homes for those out there looking to simplify their lives. They don’t sell tiny homes so much as they sell a lifestyle built by people who are passionate about the changes living small can bring to one’s life. They started small with a prototype house they designed to be the perfect tiny house on wheels, and the idea snowballed from there inspiring dozens, then hundreds of people who lined up to get a taste of their own Heirloom Home. Continue reading

small house bpa 800x750 - Southern Highlands House

Southern Highlands House

Sometimes architecture takes on forms unearthed from the unexpected, venturing into uncharted territory to present something truly unique and special. The Southern Highlands House by Benn + Penna Architecture should be viewed first as one of these instances, and second as a carefully crafted architectural object that does almost everything right. Convention was dropped off at mile post one as the designers looked to the land, to the past, and to the future to come up with something extraordinary. Continue reading

modern rental chkr6 800x433 - The Creative House

The Creative House

The Creative House, by Z_Lab Design Group is… well… creative. A common predicament that many face when confronted with an extreme renovation such as this home is “do we tear it down or do we keep it?” Understandably, local zoning and permitting restrictions may fully or partially dictate what can be done, but in the instance of the Creative house, in Seoul’s Changsin-Dong district, Z_Lab took on a full renovation in every sense of the word. Continue reading

small house yia 800x548 - The Ya House

The Ya House

Located along a quiet residential street near the foothills of Mount Shigi, Japan, sits a home that is a vast departure from the neighboring houses. As if illuminated by an overhead spotlight, this small white-roofed gem by Yosuke Ichii Architects makes a bold statement that simply cannot be overlooked. Continue reading

narrow house japan ki 800x1089 - House In Tamatsu

House In Tamatsu

Located on a lot of only 43.21 square meters in Osaka, Japan, the House In Tamatsu by Kenji Architectural Studio is a huge departure from the two-story wooden home that once occupied this site. A decidedly minimal structure, the House In Tamatsu is a fresh approach to comfortable living on a small footprint. Continue reading

l shape house ik 800x528 - Ik House

Ik House

Simple living for empty nesters is well deserved. In the Osaka home that Yosuke Ichii designed for an elderly couple, space and maintenance are pared down to basics. Just 100 sq.m., the small L-shaped house pivots around a mature camphor tree. Continue reading