small wine shop design af 800x834 - Tiny Wine Shop In Pamplona

Tiny Wine Shop In Pamplona

Roll back the garage style doorway and discover the beautifully designed boutique Wine Shop in Pamplona. Located on Estafeta Street within Pamplona itself – the capital of the Navarre province in northern Spain – this wine tasting nook is definitely a gem worth stumbling upon. Continue reading

modular apartment design ira 800x1105 - Quintana 4598

Quintana 4598

The Quintana 4598 is a rare mixture of modular construction and modern design, packaged together in a unique multi-family exploration of materiality and flexible interior programming. IR Architectura had breathed new life into a building typology that is notorious for sacrificing imagination for “whatever’s cheap.” The result is a cohesive structure that not only gives tenants the most for their money, it adds urban intrigue to an area in Saavedra, Argentina that was in sore need of a facelift. Continue reading

small studio apartment ara6 800x1190 - Apartment LI

Apartment LI

Apartment LI looks something like an archaeological find, heavy with stonewalls yet lightened by charming corners. Originally, this tiny space housed horse-drawn carriages and tack gear for the main house, and has been expertly refinished by Anne Rolland Architecte. Continue reading

small apartment design 2 800x534 - Tiny Studio Space

Tiny Studio Space

This tiny studio space might be short on size, but it is large on design and reaches high heights where it matters most – comfort and ambiance! Delivering all of the conveniences of any modern “normal sized” home, this 29 sq m apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden delivers a white hue of feminine class that outshines any sense of loss of space. Continue reading

small apartment design awpc 800x640 - Pivot Apartment

Pivot Apartment

The small Pivot apartment was recently celebrated as the most innovative interior space by the Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture. And rightly so! Designed by Architecture Workshop PC, this tiny 400 sq. ft. studio is a multi-faceted wonder and home to the versatility of a bedroom, a dining room large enough to host 10 friends, an open studio space …and more. Continue reading

portable furniture system ng1 800x597 - Lynko Nomadic Furniture System

Lynko Nomadic Furniture System

Lynko Nomadic Furniture System is a mobile closet fit for even the most “princessy” of gypsy souls! This Natalia Geci designed portable furniture collection is an epic freestanding modular closet for the contemporary nomad; or for anyone who is comfortable with calling any space in which they set up their Lynko – “home”. Continue reading

tiny studio apartment zi 800x534 - Garden Rivera, Shatin

Garden Rivera, Shatin

Who knew that 270 sq. ft. could look so spaciously pulled together? Clearly, designer Chris Lam of Zip Interiors did! Continue reading

small family apartment design 10 - Kungshojds Residence

Kungshojds Residence

This compact family home in Kungshöjds is nestled in a cluster of brick buildings that appear somewhat stately yet seemingly sterile from the exterior. But wander inside and you will find a brightly lit apartment washed in white, drenched in beautiful architecture, and laden with outdoor space. Continue reading

tiny apartment design nl 800x538 - Small Flat Wonder (24 sq. m)

Small Flat Wonder (24 sq. m)

This tiny apartment spans only 24 sq m, and was expertly executed by designer Nastia Landusheva; situated in the quaint capital of the Ukraine – Kiev. Although size is largely muted in this city dwelling, it does not give you the sense of a cramped space. Rather, it feels like a place one could easily call home without having to exert oneself to wander from room to room. Continue reading

small family apartment design ff 800x534 - A Small Apartment In Wroclaw

A Small Apartment In Wroclaw

This small apartment in Wroclaw is a clydescope of monochromatic delights that wraps you in a welcoming form of cozy. Spanning only 100 square meters in size, this space might be considered small, but it offers a lot of personality and harnesses many hidden storage nooks for optimal use of space for a young family. Continue reading