Bathroom Mirror Design by Samuel Wilkinson

Float & Gravity

Float & Gravity is a beautifully crafted, collaborative effort between Samuel Wilkinson and the Italian bathroom brand EX.T. – who both came together to deliver an inspired mirror duo combining space, gravity and impeccable style. Continue reading

waterfall shower combi 800x575 - Combi Water Fall Shower

Combi Water Fall Shower

There is nothing more enjoyable than a waterfall …are we right? Something about the sound of falling water and the mist that is emitted from it – regardless of if it delivers a torrent or a sprinkling of water, a waterfall is simply one of the most majestic natural sensations one can set their eyes, ears and body to. Combi by Vola has managed to take this sensation usually reserved for the outdoors, and bring it into our homes. Continue reading

small apartment spa sgr 800x563 - Small Size Premium Spa

Small Size Premium Spa

As the world’s population increases, Michael Winner of Sieger Design recognized the importance of a spa retreat that is large in function and small in size. The SSPS (Small Size Premium Spa) is just over 6 sq.m. in plan and rains luxury on you from head to toe. Continue reading

basin skin lago1 800x445 - Skin Basin

Skin Basin

The Skin Basin is a bathroom basin that is truly on a league of its own. It’s made from the same texture as the wall, however what makes it pop is the impression that it detached itself from the wall! The style is light and elegant and is bound to compliment any modern bathroom and give it that extra pazazz. Continue reading

luxury bathrooms omvivo 800x1050 - Omvivo luxury bathrooms: It’s the Details That Defines You

Omvivo luxury bathrooms: It’s the Details That Defines You

It’s not every day that you walk into a bathroom and discover a vanity like the DUNE (pictured above). This is the brainchild of Omvivo, an Australian design and manufacturing company of luxury bathroom products. Their eye-catching combination of clean lines and flawless surfaces come together in perfect harmony in these newly designed collections. Continue reading

whirlpool bathtub seaside31 - Seaside For The Bathroom: hidden pleasures

Seaside For The Bathroom: hidden pleasures

By this point, most bathtubs are just something you expect to see in any home or apartment. There’s usually only a very focused use for them: to give you a space in which to bath and clean yourself. But bathtubs can be so much more, no matter how ridiculous that is to say. Continue reading

bathtub two wanda 50x50 - Wanda bathtub: Spa quality at home

Wanda bathtub: Spa quality at home


When it’s time for some relaxation, what better way to do that than by soaking up in warm water, beautiful aromas, even perhaps being surrounded by some candle light? Expensive spas in exotic places are certainly not the only way to achieve that, however wonderful it might be… All of that can take place just at home, in our bathrooms, there where design plays a strategic role, considering the fact that they are the places we visit first and last during our daily lives.

Quality of time is the key and for that functionality must meet aesthetics in its best possible ratio – So must have thought Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, the designers responsible for the gorgeous Wanda bath tub. Continue reading

towel warmer grafe3 50x50 - Grafe Towel Warmer: Unexpected stationary for the bathroom

Grafe Towel Warmer: Unexpected stationary for the bathroom


It should only take a glance to realize that while looking at the Grafe towel warmer of Scirocco’s design collection, a strong correlation to office supplies and going back to school inevitably happens. What is a giant metal paper clip doing vertically or horizontally placed on the walls of our bathrooms? Well, warming our towels while looking smart, attractive and fun! Continue reading

round bath agape2 50x50 - Agape Bathroom Collection: Bathing Beauties

Agape Bathroom Collection: Bathing Beauties


The Agape line of bathing products is built on 30 years of passion for sleek, fashionable, timeless style. With the innate elegance of renowned designers seeking to simplify and elevate washing rituals, Agape succeeds in offering jewels for the bath. Continue reading

sustainable toilet ww 50x50 - W+W Washbasin and Watercloset: Tapping a great source

W+W Washbasin and Watercloset: Tapping a great source


The W+W basing and loo is a neat bathroom pairing that makes intelligent, sustainable use of wastewater from the sink to the toilet, and packs a rather gorgeous design punch. Continue reading