Invisible Kitchen

An invisible kitchen is likely something you would never have seen before… Acting as a flush, hideaway work of art, this minimalist kitchen design is as beautiful as it is ingenious, whether open for business or closed away in secret. Continue reading

N22: A Kitchen On Wheels

What do you get when you combine a quaint apartment and a portable kitchen on wheels? Genius, that’s what! As a shortlisted feature on the popular ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ – London’s Best Home Extensions 2017, this ground floor home extension, designed by Turner Architects Ltd, delivers style, simplicity and versatility in a chic space-saving way. Continue reading

LOFT Linear Kitchen

Loft delivers a fully equipped kitchen design that makes you want to just sit and stare. It delivers a rustic ambiance that is clutter free, while still being eclectic enough to create curiosity in a room in the home that is always the most popular – the kitchen! Continue reading

Silko Evolution Kitchen

Whether contained within a restaurant, a home, an office lounge or a cafeteria, the Silko Evolution Kitchen is plentiful in function and style.
Offering a compact solution with a side of modern design, this “kitchen-in-a-box” is truly a lifestyle piece that offers innovative solutions to everyday cooking – whether for a large group of choosy restaurant patrons or a family – the Evolution line evolves with it’s owner. Continue reading

Alhambra Kitchen

We’re pretty sure the Alhambra Kitchen is what would happen if you took an opulent Harvard library and an upscale New York restaurant and mashed them together in this monochromatic room of ebony wonders by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Continue reading

Magnet Kitchen for Small Spaces

Magnet is an ingenious UK based company that delivers kitchen space solutions for everyday use. No matter if your cooking area is large or small, the ingenuity of Magnet helps maximize every corner, cupboard and crevice in – ironically – the most minimalist manner. Continue reading

Art & Artifact Kitchen Renovation

Montreal, Canada is home to many traditional French-Canadian wonders, and the Art & Artifact Kitchen Renovation was no exception to such things, giving the professional interior and industrial design team of Cuisines Steam an amazing project to take on. This interior redesign was meant to honor the rich travel experiences of the owner, ensuring that the kitchen harnessed and maintained the memoirs of past adventures, present endeavors, and future dream explorations to be had. Continue reading

New Logica System

The design team at Valcucine must be nothing short of genius. Who knew that luxury and logic could be so perfectly intertwined, as to both create kitchen solutions and solve space conundrums? With a tireless desire for customer satisfaction, Valcucine has outdone themselves once again with a kitchen system that is renewed and awakened in the most inspiring of ways. Continue reading

The Galley Sink Workstation 7

If you fancy yourself a cook, as I do, then this is a dream come true. The Galley Sink Workstation 7 is a prep and serving station that exceeds every culinary wish you’ve ever made. At seven feet in length, the stainless steel recessed sink is perfect for a singular cook or cooking with friends. Continue reading

Pure Cuisines Kitchen Design

In a single family home in Montreal, this kitchen makes a statement, a big statement. Carl Lapointe and his team at Pure Cuisines designed the kitchen to maintain the visual clarity of the avante garde architecture of the home. Continue reading