small space apartment 49 1000x540 - Flat 49

Flat 49

What happens when you take a small bachelor pad located in the Ukraine and combine it with talented designers? Why, Flat 49 of course! This compact living space is now fueled by multiple shades of grey, and enough masculine energy throughout to grow a beard upon entering. Continue reading

small penthouse design norm2 1000x1350 - Fredgaard Penthouse

Fredgaard Penthouse

This small penthouse loft makes me want to shout Timberrrrrrrrr! in the most endearing way. Between the timber pillars, the whitewashed ‘drift wood’ style flooring, and the wood laden rooftop patio, this penthouse is essentially a really elegant tree within a house. Continue reading

small space apartment fa2 1000x1000 - Graça Apartment

Graça Apartment

Set in Lisbon, Portugal, the Graca Apartment is composed of a variety of small rooms and narrow spaces, but refurbished in a way that makes it feel comfortable to live in. In addition, despite the lack of natural light and an exterior bathroom, this space has been brought to light with rich black and white marble tones, an outdoor patio oasis, and clean-lined furnishings. Continue reading

tiny apartment design bsa3 1000x663 - Darlinghurst Apartment

Darlinghurst Apartment

Located in the eastern suburb of Darlinghurt, in the city of Sydney, Australia, architect Brad Swartz took this tiny apartment and truly made it darling! The simple instruction of this redesign was to create a functional apartment for the young couple that dwells there, with an understated luxurious charm, and – of course – an internal laundry unit. Continue reading

tiny prefab home idladla4 1 1000x663 - Pod Idladla

Pod Idladla

Prefab is everywhere, folks. Designers across the globe are putting their best ideas to the test in hopes of solving one of the construction industry’s most unsolvable building typologies. I’m not saying the Pod Idladla by Clara da Cruz Almeida does everything we hope prefab will eventually do, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. This tiny pod is a modular, customizable, affordable dwelling option being manufactured and erected in South Africa – and it is awesome. Continue reading

small modern apartment sm 800x486 - Cherry Flat

Cherry Flat

The Cherry Flat by Sergey Makhno Architects does anything but “fall flat” as far as design goes, and I feel like a standing ovation is in order for the “blossoming bathroom” …if I can be so bold as to start there! Continue reading

scandinavian apartment design 800x533 - Century-Old Apartment With Style

Century-Old Apartment With Style

If ever you had a hankerin’ to call a house home, this house is as homey as they come! This beautiful second century space rings in at nearly 690 square feet, but despite the small space – this Scandinavian inspired one bedroom apartment is brimming with beauty. Continue reading

small wine shop design af 800x834 - Tiny Wine Shop In Pamplona

Tiny Wine Shop In Pamplona

Roll back the garage style doorway and discover the beautifully designed boutique Wine Shop in Pamplona. Located on Estafeta Street within Pamplona itself – the capital of the Navarre province in northern Spain – this wine tasting nook is definitely a gem worth stumbling upon. Continue reading

modular apartment design ira 800x1105 - Quintana 4598

Quintana 4598

The Quintana 4598 is a rare mixture of modular construction and modern design, packaged together in a unique multi-family exploration of materiality and flexible interior programming. IR Architectura had breathed new life into a building typology that is notorious for sacrificing imagination for “whatever’s cheap.” The result is a cohesive structure that not only gives tenants the most for their money, it adds urban intrigue to an area in Saavedra, Argentina that was in sore need of a facelift. Continue reading

small studio apartment ara6 800x1190 - Apartment LI

Apartment LI

Apartment LI looks something like an archaeological find, heavy with stonewalls yet lightened by charming corners. Originally, this tiny space housed horse-drawn carriages and tack gear for the main house, and has been expertly refinished by Anne Rolland Architecte. Continue reading