loft apartment design space eea2 - Charlotte Road

Charlotte Road

Charlotte Road is a spacious brick loft apartment that looks the part of a modern man-cave, while delivering sexy androngynistic elements as well. Continue reading

duplex loft living space mka - House like Village

House like Village

Who knew a harbor cantina could be transformed into such a livable/workable open space gem? Marc Koehler Architects, that’s who. Also referred to as MKA, this design firm has taken an Amsterdam original, and turned it into large loft apartments that have beautifully maintained their industrial feel without feeling whatsoever sterile. Continue reading

loft design superlofts 1000x667 - Superlofts


There are lofts, and then there is ‘Superlofts’; a Marc Koehler Architects progressive design of prefab concrete loft apartment buildings in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Continue reading

modern loft apartment design i29 1000x667 - Loft Apartment In Amsterdam

Loft Apartment In Amsterdam

This modern loft apartment in Amsterdam has done a fantastic job at being fabulous! Tastefully transformed by i29 Interior Architects, this 120 sq. m loft boasts of massive windows, a large black-as-night kitchen island; and the kitchen itself brilliantly tucks away behind a sliding oak door. Continue reading

loft apartment design nyc 1000x751 - Warren Apartment

Warren Apartment

Weird and wonderful collide in this home of many colors and shapes. Set in Tribeca – a cobblestone laced, well-known Manhattan area in New York, this neighborhood is fueled by industrial re-builds that have been turned into residential lofts, which is exactly what this modern loft apartment has been refashioned into. Continue reading

photographer studio loft design nyc 1000x820 - NYC Photographer's Loft

NYC Photographer’s Loft

Cubes are as chic as they come in this NYC loft apartment, beautifully designed by Desai Chia Architecture for the photographer who lives here; and their request somewhat simple – create a tranquil live/work environment that would be an inspiring space and a comfortable home in which to dwell. Nailed it! Continue reading

Small Studio Apartment Design

FG75 Studios

FG75 Studios has beautifully taken structural basics and turned this once simplistic skeleton into a multi-level studio work of art. Located in Porto, Portugal, this late-19th century old building was a rehabilitation project intended to breathe new life into a fairly lifeless living arena, and create six, small studio apartments. Continue reading

Unique Loft Design That Looks Like A Spaceship

Loft Panzerhalle

Loft Panzerhalle is a winning combination of impeccable interior design and functional fashion, while being an actual winner of the internationally advertised contest, via the architects of smartvoll who designed and executed this lofty idea. Continue reading

small penthouse design norm2 1000x1350 - Fredgaard Penthouse

Fredgaard Penthouse

This small penthouse loft makes me want to shout Timberrrrrrrrr! in the most endearing way. Between the timber pillars, the whitewashed ‘drift wood’ style flooring, and the wood laden rooftop patio, this penthouse is essentially a really elegant tree within a house. Continue reading

garage house conversion fa 1000x1000 - Garage House

Garage House

The working wonders of the Garage House makes you want to both giggle and look on in awe. Turned into a true work of art by Fala Atelier, this unconventional project was requested by a young couple that was open to converting a windowless 200 sq.m. garage in Lisbon, Portugal, into a house they can now call home. Continue reading