wrist watch tempo 50x50 - Tempo Wrist watch: Allegro and Lento

Tempo Wrist watch: Allegro and Lento


Time, quality time, passing of time, gaining time are aspects of life and expressions we are all familiar with.
Our lives are based on the time given to us to experience the present. Modern societies are fast paced for sure, resulting in most of us, the modern urban citizens, often feeling trapped in the concept of time. Some will manage to live our lives in more harmonious ways, appreciating the time’s passage and being able to fully concentrate, live and enjoy the present moment. Continue reading

spacecraft watch rj1 50x50 - The Spacecraft: to the moon and back

The Spacecraft: to the moon and back


Shouldn’t a watch for an astronaut reflect the dreamy impressiveness of his or her occupation? A plain and simple Timex timepiece seems too Earthly for the space traveler.

Swiss watch company Romain Jerome took on the task of creating a ticker that would reflect how unique the occupation of an astronaut is. “Spacecraft” is the new watch that should inspire even the most space-phobic earthlings to train to ride in a rocket. Continue reading

wrist watch mutewatch 2 50x50 - Mutewatch: flick of the wrist

Mutewatch: flick of the wrist


The Mutewatch is no ordinary wrist watch, it’s a functional piece of jewelry… Digital jewelry, if you will. It’s designed as a minimalistic bracelet, featuring a hidden touchscreen. Tap the flat surface or flick your wrist and its glowing LED display is activated. Continue reading

hu watch issey miyake1 50x50 - Hu Watch: indefinite fluidity

Hu Watch: indefinite fluidity


time / noun /
“The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

Time is an element of life. It is a priceless organism that can neither be bought nor sold, but only observed or shared with another. The Hu(man) by Ross Lovegrove for Issey Miyake is not your average wristwatch. Sleek, modern, and austere, this novelty watch is artfully designed to be as an extension of the body. Continue reading

digital watch phosphor1 50x50 - Phosphor watches: time reinvented

Phosphor watches: time reinvented


The new Phosphor watch is no ordinary wrist watch. It features a unique digital display that utilizes the revolutionary Electronic Ink – the same technology found in electronic displays, for example the Amazon Kindle.

What does it mean? It means you can configure it in various displays and styles, switching from standard numeric to a cool graphic hour clock, white-on-black or black-on-white – all with a flick of a switch! No wonder they call it Time Reinvented, as you’ve never seen a digital watch quite like this before. Continue reading

modern watch orbo1 50x50 - Orbo Watch: Telling Time Differently

Orbo Watch: Telling Time Differently


Even though the Orbo watch is still in the concept phase, I had to share it here because the design is pretty dang interesting. Besides its extremely unique look, I think the most amazing thing about the Orbo watch is that it uses both digital and analogue technologies. No more need to choose, you can have it all in one watch. Continue reading

ipod nano strap chrono 4 - Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It

Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It


Many times in life it’s all about maximizing everything we’ve got to the fullest. The Chrono Leather Strap is all about maximizing every feature of your new iPod Nano, and looking great while at it. Using the analog watch display function of the Nano, Chrono transforms your portable music device into an impeccable, attention-grabbing wristwatch.

The 6th generation Nano’s back clip perfectly fits Chrono’s custom-designed center slot. No-frills assembly is a matter of clipping the Nano onto the strap. The Nano’s buttons, along with the earphone jack, are fully accessible when the device is paired with Chrono, and the Nano will stay firmly in place while worn – just watch it. Continue reading

sports watch headstream - Headstream Sports Watch: guiding you through

Headstream Sports Watch: guiding you through


Any backpacker knows this – when going outdoors it is very important to keep yourself informed with as many details as possible, such as: altitude, temperature, compass, etc. The Headstream Sports Watch, from Columbia, will keep you well-informed in any activity or adventure you take on.

It is the state-of-the-art for all watches aimed at outdoors activity. In addition to its digital altimeter, barometer, and compass, this watch also features a Sail Timer for the water racer, allowing you to focus on where the boat needs to go while the Headstream keeps track of when it needs to get there. Whatever you do, wherever you do it – it’ll be there to assist you and guide you through. Continue reading

digital pocket watch - Digital Pocket Watch

Digital Pocket Watch


According to designer Marc Owens, a gentleman’s pocket watch is always in style, although this watch has changed from the traditional analog mechanism to a compacted digital display. Continue reading