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Orbo Watch: Telling Time Differently


Even though the Orbo watch is still in the concept phase, I had to share it here because the design is pretty dang interesting. Besides its extremely unique look, I think the most amazing thing about the Orbo watch is that it uses both digital and analogue technologies. No more need to choose, you can have it all in one watch.

The idea belongs to Zach Weiss, a designer and lifelong watch collector. The goal was to create an interesting and informative watch that was easy to read. The watch face includes orbital digital displays that are attached to an analogue minute hand.

One of the digital displays always keeps the hour while the pointed part of that display tells us the minute. The other display is meant to provide other kinds of information of your choice, such as weather, date, temperature, etc. Of course the information on the orbiting displays always stays correctly oriented for easy reference. The design is pretty smart and the idea is very intriguing.

With such a different sort of watch face than we are used to, its nice that the rest of the watch is very simple and unobtrusive. If it came to market, would you consider one?



* More info at zach starr weiss

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