Whaletale travel bags: For family travelers


Traveling time! Who doesn’t love that! And yet who wouldn’t wish to be able to skip over delayed flights or striving to find a little spot to camp for that while, of waiting till the magical moment of boarding that plane to brings us to destinations unknown or simply just our favorite places, comes….

Well there’s some good news and some bad news. Starting with the second part, just so that we have it already behind us – we cannot really skip all the above mentioned inconvenience that sometimes come together with all the good part of traveling. The good news is that we can do something to respond to the situation differently and gain some control. Now, wouldn’t that be so fine?

Mark this word: Whaletale! Continue reading

Acorn bags: tools on the go


Here is something to please the practical mind, who finds joy in using the bicycle, while being able to transport even his/her tools in style! The Acorn Bags are designed exactly for this purpose. They are expandable and compact. A rad combination, indeed!

Imagine never having to search for a misplaced or forgotten tool. Imagine fitting them all in what will roll into a stylish snug. Imagine leather, mounting straps designed to match your beautiful Brook saddle with bag loops. In case you have a larger saddle bag, just toss it into it! Yes, that good! Continue reading

Bagigia: a hot water bottle made by Italian hands


The design of this bag was inspired on a cold day on the streets of Milan, where a woman holding a hot water bottle passed by Gianmarco Godi – the designer of Bagigia. Godi decided to dress up the hot water bottle in leather, while keeping the typical marks on the rubber surface, adorn it with a stainless steel stopper, four rings and two adjustable shoulder straps, and voila! a new bag was born. Continue reading

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The Grocer: my personal shopping buddy


Today I wanted to let you know about a cool bag that would make your shopping experience comfortable and fun without cramping your style. We all know it’s high time we stopped using disposable shopping bags, and there are a few options out there, however this bag gets the title of My Personal Shopping Buddy, and it’s called The Grocer. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why… Continue reading

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Vertical Wheeler Laptop Bag: fly with style


Travel season is just around the corner, and if you’re like me you probably take your laptop with you whether on business trips or leisure. Carrying a laptop bag is not always comfortable – especially during a long trip – but with the Vertical Wheeler by Jack Georges it’s a breeze. Continue reading

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Isar Rucksack by Cote&Ciel: hidden minimalism


Imagine a backpack that reflects the unique elegance found in Japanese minimalism… Cote&Ciel, a Paris-based company, makes the most beautiful bags I’ve seen in quite a while. Their collection of canvas backpacks is both beautiful and functional, perfectly designed for creative professionals on the go. Continue reading

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Power Trip Rechargeable Laptop Bags


Purses have become an urban companion. Long gone are the days when a purse just carried our makeup, wallet, and keys- in this digital age we need our seemingly plethora of smart devices to keep us ‘connected’ to the world around us. Thanks to the crafty minds at Minneapolis-based handbag company Urban Junket, you’ll never have to worry about being disconnected ever again.
Introducing their Power Trip rechargeable laptop bags. Continue reading

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The Moncler Rucksack

High altitude meets high style in this cold weather carrier. When it comes to all things fashion, Italy knows best, so it’s not unusual that Italy based outerwear company Moncler could transform a basic knapsack into something svelte and high-couture. Continue reading

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Kanken Laptop Bag by Fjall Raven: Classic Bag, Modern Function

Since 1977 Scandinavian kids have been wearing this classic Kanken bag by Fjall Raven. The design has remained exactly the same since, but with one very small and significant exception – the addition of a discreet, padded inner pouch for our increasingly indispensable laptops. This iconic bag now caters to our modern needs without changing its classic look. I think that’s really neat. Continue reading

June 13, 2012
Category: Tech

Wooden Laptop Case: one of a kind

Sometimes, there’s an item that looks and feels so fine, you just got to have it. And no doubt the Wooden Laptop Case by Rainer Spehl is one of these items. Imagine a wooden case with leather lining and magnetic closing that will carefully hold your precious MacBook Pro. Isn’t it gorgeous? Continue reading

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