VNC House: following the slope of the land

There are about 70 beaches on Milos, a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Known for its natural beauty, this exceptional piece of land has now a new enhancing feature: VNC House. Designed as a holiday home, VNC House nestles into the landscape on the south coast of the island beside a new orchard of olive trees and a stone guesthouse. Continue reading


The Boathouse: Above the Lake

A house that is floating over the water – floating over the beautiful surface of a lake surrounded by peaceful, green banks – would be a retreat dream for many of us. This one, located in the UK, is one such dream holiday house. Continue reading


Beach House: a lighthouse by the lake

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy a house by the lake in an urban context? In Ljurg, The Netherlands there’s a three-story building that accomplishes such a desire! Positioned on a sandy site facing the IJ Lake, this house has a total floor area of 240sq.m. with a privileged access from the street. Continue reading


Seal Rocks House 4: surf, beach and patio house

Did you ever hear about Seal Rocks in New South Wales, Australia? It is a small coastal settlement famous for its many premier surfing beaches… A little paradise on Earth, perfect for leisure and relaxation! The project that I’m about to present is a fine example of how to synchronize architecture and nature in a very efficient way.

Seal Rocks House 4 is a holiday home with a building area of 219 sq.m. developed on a single floor. The conventional domestic program was simplified and optimized to obtain the perfect adjustment between site and construction. There’s just one bathroom, a big outdoor shower and one living space… but plenty of room on the hammock deck or on the day bed. Outdoor spaces are clearly transformed into daily living spaces… Continue reading


Villa 921: against all odds

Architecture is always related to the deep notion of shelter…Against all kinds of adversities, men created a process to erect an artificial body that could protect themselves from all kinds of menace! I’m beginning this post with a special introduction because the following project deals with a very fresh and innovative attitude against the most ancient of the threats: destructive typhoons!

Villa 921 is a concrete bungalow built on a remote Japanese island which its main purpose is related to the primary need of shelter and protection. A peculiar context always leads to unusual results! Continue reading


Yacht House: your own private marina

Described by Wallpaper as “one of 30 best young architects office in the world”, Poland-based moomoo has done it again. This time they created a unique modern home with a bold statement, for a client with a passion for motor yachts. The design doesn’t only incorporates a style that relates to the boat, but also a place to anchor the yacht within the house’s structure. Interesting, right? Continue reading


D House: straight to the top

Time has long been associated with water. From the rivers running to the seas to the currents and tides! Now picture yourself living in a house standing 65 meters above sea level…That’s the D House!

A small cliff-top home located in Matanzas, Chile, with 96 sq. m. of constructed area serving a couple and their son. And what a lucky family they turn out to be… Despite the outstanding location chosen for this coastal home, this two-story house was carefully designed to enhance all the potential of such a fine site. Continue reading


Ranco House: between architecture and nature

A house on a mountain, placed between mineral sculptures and native trees, and the best of all: its shape results from an outstanding sensibility towards Mother Nature! The Ranco House is a respectable sized two-story building with 600 sq. m. of constructed area… yet no rocks or trees were damaged in its construction process! Amazing, don´t you agree? Let me explain how a massive volume like this one reaches such an apparent impossible outcome. Continue reading


Shoal Bay House: two pavilions + island = a home

Hawke’s Bay is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Surrounded by one of the most amazing landscapes of the planet, this unique region is recognized not only for its natural attributes but also for its award-winning wines.

The Shoal Bay House is a living part of this incredible equation! To achieve such a rare condition an important path was taken to obtain a major goal: respect the rural ancient architecture from the early 1900’s. Then a second step was brilliantly accomplished: becoming acquainted with the whole history of the site and study wood (native raw material used for construction) as a traditional, as well as a modern, building material. Continue reading


Seaside Single House: the priceless value of tradition

Reinventing a heritage building is always a hard challenge for architects…especially when continuity assumes the conceptual bridge between past, present and future. I’m talking about the priceless value of tradition as an element to be preserved as a vital part of a profound rehabilitation.

The Seaside Single House used to be an old agricultural warehouse in Tuscany, Italy. Its ruins gave birth to an outstanding project with only 90 sq. m. of building area. Placed at the top of a mountain, overlooking the sea and the surrounded islands, this small seaside house accomplished the most out of almost nothing! Continue reading