modern cabin retreat rra6 - Summer Retreat: a modern coastal cabin

Summer Retreat: a modern coastal cabin


Soft, smooth and tender…These are qualities that architecture should always embrace to achieve the most suitable atmosphere for its dwellers. And wood seems to always assume a privileged role in this equation.

In Fuglevik, Norway, a modern summer retreat reminds us how the ingenious use of organic materials always lead to the conquest of such noble qualities… A small wooden volume with 130 sq. m. of living space establishes a symbiotic connection with its environment: from the concept to its conception! Just follow these simple coordinates: ocean, trees and wooden planks. Continue reading

prefab home cz house1 800x533 - CZ house: A prefab surrounded by sheep

CZ house: A prefab surrounded by sheep

In Pico Island, Portugal, there’s a modern prefab home that shares its surroundings with special creatures: sheep! Yes… a rural scenario in this amazing land, placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is now richer by the presence of a fine example of contemporary prefabricated architecture! Continue reading

modern cabin netherlands 6 - Recreational Island House: Exquisite Tranquility

Recreational Island House: Exquisite Tranquility


This holiday home in Breukelen, the Netherlands, has nothing superfluous in it. The modern shell with two glass walls as gable facades, located on the deck at the edge of the water, will satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and tried retreat-seekers.

226 sq. ft. of protected, yet open space of the cabin offers high comfort and the feeling of being alone with nature. Thus, the eternal choice “fashionable living conditions versus closeness to nature” is really not relevant here: you’ve got both! Continue reading

coastal seaside home rock 5 - Rock House: A Luxurious Shelter Among the stones

Rock House: A Luxurious Shelter Among the stones


This amazing coastal summer house is situated on a rocky seashore in Vestfold, Norway, and its walls seem to organically grow out of the rocks. The 3,229 sq. ft. house partly stands on the walls of an old building, with a layout stretched parallel to the coastline.

The design concept of this building is definitely not unity. Although the house is very harmonious, it is perceived rather as a row of spaces, than as a solid building. Such a concept makes the spaces – both inside and out – more vivid, structural, and unexpected… I love it! Continue reading

coastal seaside villa jva 4 - Villa by the Ocean: Remote Resort

Villa by the Ocean: Remote Resort


Today I invite you to Europe’s Atlantic coast. Imagine infinite, deserted sea beaches, peaceful and unpopulated landscapes. And a modern seaside villa, situated just at the foot of the ocean waves.

The more exact location is Stavanger, Norway. The building volumes of this 2,798 sq. ft. villa are perfectly blended with their surroundings. The house consists of three one-story, flat-roof volumes. Naturally, the coastline has an inclination towards the ocean and this slight slope is used in order to dissolve the building in the environment. Continue reading

prefab home cap ferret 9 - Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees

Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees


Let me tell you about a steel prefab home in Cap Ferret, France… This contemporary coastal home sits on one of the last remaining non-built sites at the shoreline of Arcachon Bay, where an irregular soil of sand dune is covered with vegetation and 46 tall pine trees that descend towards the beach…

By utilizing a prefabricated structure the architects obtained fine results such as avoiding site destruction and also the waste of time related to traditional construction methods. Now tell me, how does a 180 sq. m. building area not disturb one single tree or vegetation? Continue reading

floating house 373 - Floating House: living above water

Floating House: living above water


Enjoy living above water at the Lausitz Resort…or in any another part of the world! Water is the crucial reason for the existence of the Floating House by Steeltec37. A floating prefabricated house that looks like a boat is statically positioned by a small pontoon bridge. This two-level metallic structure follows the industrial fishing boats aesthetics. Continue reading

small lake studio gh38 - Photographer´s studio over boat house: life in a glasshouse

Photographer´s studio over boat house: life in a glasshouse


It’s simply astonishing…On the edge of a lake in Ontario, Canada, there´s a wonderful architectural masterpiece! A reinterpretation of the archetypal glass pavilion in a landscape houses an apartment, studio and boathouse for a photographer.

This beautiful coastal home features a rectangular plan of only 54 sq. m. that seats the stage for a generous open configuration: boats are stored at the lake’s water level while the studio and apartment are placed on the upper floor and mezzanine above. Continue reading

greek home design 8 - Dreams of Greece: A Seaside Home

Dreams of Greece: A Seaside Home


When you look at the images of this home, you can tell it’s a Greek seaside home by its thick rounded edge white-washed walls, all curvy and soft, and that distinguishable white and blue color palette. It’s all bright, airy and light, balanced out with some strong rustic accents. But then there’s an interesting twist in the decor – a sort of elegant french country flair. Continue reading

coastal home isle coll 7 - The White House: Restoration on the Isle of Coll

The White House: Restoration on the Isle of Coll


The first interesting thing about this project is its location. The Isle of Coll is a small Scottish island that belongs to the Mull island group. I have never been there, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it were packed with cool old ruins (you see, I love old stuff) of sombre homes where brave Scotsmen used to live with their clan.

So when I bumped into the project I’m going to tell you about, the Scottish landscape was just as I imagined. Moreover, the White House project and its attitude towards the old structure were the perfect restoration project for the region. Continue reading