coastal home alien n29 50x50 - Alien House: cinema and architecture

Alien House: cinema and architecture


Sometimes architecture uses the most unexpected references as a starting point. In this project the fictional film Alien was used as an inspiration for a house renovation in Alicante, Spain. As well as the eight passenger of the film, the new house emerges from within the perimeter of an old structure. We’re talking about a modern two-story coastal home with a total floor area of 278sqm facing the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading

villa greece cliffhanger1 50x50 - Cliffhanger: hanging over the edge

Cliffhanger: hanging over the edge

Beautiful coastal home in Antiparos island, Greece

In Antiparos island, Greece there’s a two-story building called Cliffhanger, that testifies to the concept of architecture following topography. The site offers an exceptional vantage point over the Mediterranean Sea – like hanging over a cliff. With 250sqm of total floor area, two different volumes compose the house: one is directly related to the ground while the other is aiming to the sky. Continue reading

island villa sweden 3 50x50 - Swedish Island Villa: Elegant & Soothing

Swedish Island Villa: Elegant & Soothing

Elegant villa on Lidingo island in Sweden - Interior Home Design

I believe that every one’s home should delight them in some way and have at least one room that makes you deliriously happy. In this villa on the island of Lidingo in Sweden, there is no shortage of these elegant soothing rooms. The surrounding views of water and trees only heighten the experience. Continue reading

lake cottage clear3 50x50 - Clear Lake Cottage: a true state of bliss

Clear Lake Cottage: a true state of bliss


In Ontario, Canada a family of five required a four-season retreat to replace an existing 1950’s small structure. Placed near a quiet lake in-between pine trees and rocks, Clear Lake Cottage seems to conquer the highest prize that a building can achieve: a perfect blend with its natural surroundings. Continue reading

glass lake house lugano 50x50 - Lake Lugano House: a rounded glass pavilion

Lake Lugano House: a rounded glass pavilion


Lake Lugano is a beautiful glacial lake situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Lake Lugano House is a unique two-story building with a total floor area of 350sqm located on the slope of a hill. And what a better solution than a glasshouse to take advantage of gorgeous panoramic lake views? Continue reading

coastal home sajima 50x50 - Nowhere but sajima: a tube-shaped house

Nowhere but sajima: a tube-shaped house


Have you heard about the Miura Peninsula? In Kanagawa, Japan there’s a peninsula that functions as a bed town to those who work in Tokyo, being also popular as a touristic destination for visitors from all over Japan. Nowhere But Sajima is an extremely unique weekend coastal home – a part of the Nowhere Resort located on the harbor of a small fishing village. A three-story volume with a building area of 64sqm presents a curious triangular plan full of spatial surprises… Continue reading

hillslope house malbaiev 50x50 - Malbaie V Residence: framing rivers and mountains

Malbaie V Residence: framing rivers and mountains


La Malbaie is a municipality in the province of Quebec, Canada, situated on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, at the mouth of the Malbaie River. Malbaie V Residence is a two-story weekend home located on a hill slope facing an astonishing view over the river and the surrounding mountains. A total floor area of 223sqm makes the best of a steep site, distributed in a composition of two volumes that clearly separates social from private areas. Nevertheless, each one of them takes advantage of the magnificent context by extending the interior outside via large terraces. Continue reading

prefab cabin casa till 50x50 - Casa Till: a beautiful seaside prefab

Casa Till: a beautiful seaside prefab

The perfect getaway retreat in South America is located on a 200m-high and 10km-long cliff of the Chilean coastline. It takes 5km to get to the nearest village from Casa Till, a remarkable prefab building made exclusively by local materials and techniques. A structural grid was conceived in order to obtain the maximum standard solutions in the constructive process: a single-story volume is entirely built in pinewood for its resistance and also for its local abundance turning it into a cheaper choice. Continue reading

houseboat villa fasp 50x50 - Water Villa: a floating barcode

Water Villa: a floating barcode


In Europe, some of the finest houseboat designs can be seen along the canals of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Water Villa testifies a contemporary approach to this type of floating architecture. This three-story houseboat has 250sqm of constructed area and is moored on a canal in the south west of the city. The most distinctive detail of Water Villa relies on its timber cladding that resembles a barcode composition: wooden vertical stripes hide and expose the interior spaces creating a dynamic facade that changes its appearance by night. Continue reading

beach house au torquay 50x50 - Torquay House: on the beach

Torquay House: on the beach


Torquay is a township in Victoria, Australia – as it is famous for its surf beaches, it becomes quite clear that we are talking about one of the most perfect spots in the world to have a beach house… Torquay House reflects this outstanding environment for both surf and beach lovers. Continue reading