The Pool Box: steel container reborn as a stylish pool

Essence Festival 2009

We’ve already seen shipping containers converted into houses, cabins and offices, however this time the direction is even simpler yet so cool, especially in the summertime.

This pool is refreshing on so many levels. In its previous life the 22’ x 7’ steel container was a dumpster. New Orleans based architect Stefan Beese transformed it in to a luxurious and able-to-be-relocated swimming pool. The 30 cubic yard container was not only recycled but reborn with style. Continue reading

Royal Wolf HQ: a landmark for recycled shipping containers


Once again recycled shipping containers prove their worth. This time as an amazing building complex serving as the administrative and office site of the industrial company Royal Wolf in Victoria, Australia. Designed by Room 11, this is a pure manifest of how to efficiently adapt an industrial object – like a shipping container – to a higher function. Continue reading

Tony’s Farm: organic shipping containers


Tony’s Farm is a large organic food farm in Shanghai, China. It resides in a unique building made of 78 shipping containers – Eco-friendly architecture for a sustainable building. A clear fusion between function and form, where biological production of vegetables and fruits takes place inside a piece of recycled architecture. Continue reading

Low Cost House: container modules for a home


In South Korea, a family of seven stood behind the development of an ingenious project with a very tight budget. A single-story home of 100sqm was carefully designed with various prefabricated materials. Recycled shipping containers assume the main role in the construction, minimizing time and waste of material. A pitched roof structure shelters a composition of three container modules: one for the service areas – kitchen and bathroom – while the other two serve as living and sleeping areas. Continue reading

Mesocore Homes: a new kind of prefab


As an Eco-friendly architecture buff I was glad to hear about a new kind of prefab called Mesocore Homes. It’s actually an interesting hybrid combo consisting of a shipping container and prefabricated components. This unique house ships as a 20′ container, but once placed at the final building site it expands to a 1000 sq ft green sustainable home with off the grid capabilities. Continue reading

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Re:START village: Shipping Container Shopping Mall


In Christchurch, New Zealand a meaningful number of urban infrastructures were lost in a big earthquake. The outcome to this was the Re:START village project – a unique shopping mall made out of shipping containers! 27 stores inhabit colored stacked boxes, red, yellow, green and blue are now shinning proudly in the city center of Christchurch. Continue reading

Casa Oruga: containers for nature


To reduce construction time and costs in architecture, the option is quite simple: prefab. In Santiago de Chile there’s a prefabricated house that reinforces this statement by using second hand shipping containers as the main module for the design of this unusual home. The challenge was to adapt these modular pieces to a very sloped site near the Andes Mountains. An ingenious solution was adopted by letting the containers rest on the slope, following the natural topography of the site… hence, the name of the project: Casa Oruga, which means Caterpillar House. Continue reading

3x Shipping Container Home: it’s a kind of magic

modern container home by Danish architects WorldflexHome

Do you believe in magic? The following project will show you the power of magic in architecture. Recycling old shipping containers for a variety of needs is today’s trend, especially when the source of the new construction is left exposed as a manifest of its flexibility. 3x Shipping Container Home presents a different approach to prefab architecture, as container units serve as the structural framework but the final building doesn’t show any kind of reference to its recycled structure. Continue reading

10 Modern Container Houses To Inspire You

Affordable homes can be modernly chic – and green too! – as recycled shipping containers are becoming the next building blocks of architecture. Check out our favorite top 10 container houses from around the world.

Shipping container homes -  Modernly chic and green container house in France

A real point of interest can be found in France in the form of a beautiful cross-shaped family home constructed from four colorful shipping containers.
Photography: Javier Callejas. Continue reading

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Shipping Container Gives and Takes a Recess

Container hotel in  Belgium – Modern shipping container homes

The life of a shipping container is typically not glamorous. Packed to its gills, these containers travel across the globe among up to as many as 15,000 similar containers on a large ship. Once their cargo is unloaded, they’re most often left at the port where they arrived. In the case of Sleeping Around – a shipping container hotel along the river Schelde – that port is Antwerp, Belgium. Continue reading