Japanese house designs by Daigo Ishii


Japanese house designs by Daigo Ishii are based on the concept where the architecture should be realized through the relationship with society.

The house in Nigata is located facing a spacious sight of the rice fields. The first floor is designed as a space for enjoying the life with family and friends, while movement of the person is parallel to the scenery.

This Japanese house design includes three huts on top of the 1st floor. They are used as solitary spaces with windows in all four directions, bringing light and wind all day. In this floor, clients can keep away from the daily world, and can get the private world, facing the scenery. This Japanese house design is designed with consideration to the relation of scenery and environment.

“…I want to realize an architecture that reflects and criticizes the society, based on the analysis of the actual society.” says Daigo Ishii, owner of Future-scape Architects in Tokyo, Japan.


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