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The Homestead: Private Safari Villa


The Homestead is located in the Phinda Game Reserve, an award-winning ecotourism destination in the lush KwaZulu-Natal region in northern South Africa. This luxurious African villa embraces the surrounding bush and invites it in through the use of glass, openness, a lateral plan form with courtyards, ponds and narrow decks.

I love how this stylish and sophisticated interior design combines the traditional with the contemporary; a natural-toned color palette beautifully blends various materials such as unrefined wood beams and a modern central fireplace, glass chandeliers and clay vases, and all sorts of unique accessories.



Throughout this modern villa, materials have been finely wrought and applied with delicacy and finesse; rock is tumbled into gabions rather than pointed with cement; gumpoles are shaved to reveal the pale heartwood and sandstone is honed.

the lounge and dining room have practically no solid walls at all; the decks terrace is leveled with the ground in front and the pool licks out at the pan. The combination of a simple orthogonal plan and refined materials create a clean cut, contemporary home for luxurious yet sustainable living.


In the rooms beds are placed forward to embrace the view;


your own private gym;



plush sofas on the outdoor deck;



* More info at Nicholas Plewman Architects


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One thought on “The Homestead: Private Safari Villa

  1. Anat Gariani

    From the first sight, it seems wonderful dream ! but when enter you bump into crowd of “noise” around that very contravenes the exterior harmony .
    design that controls and creates lack of composure and balance
    the elements is wooden create a very aggressive illusion around. it start in the streaky floor, to the built table of sectors of tree, the cabinet of the books that continue the picture the e windows Frames and of course the ceiling .
    The motive returns also in the bedroom, and arrives in the exaggeration circuit element by the corner of the food
    in my opinion there is Missing designs
    the only corner that loved is the charming Outdoor deck .
    But whatever it is, and what I will say, there is no doubt that this is still heavenly dream Safari Villa


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