boutique hostel micro room design 1000x668 - Hostel Jyvaskyla

Hostel Jyvaskyla

Located in the Western part of Finland – known as the Finnish Lakeland’s, Hostel Jyväskylä took the bones of a 1950s-something office building, and gave it new life.

Offering individual cubicles that host sleeping nooks, these plywood wrapped boxes are as cozy as they are functional. Providing both raised and traditional style beds, each space delivers its own approach to sleeping, while all of the rooms provide closets to keep your clothes well-kempt, and come equipped with a drawer full of your own personal dishware as well.

boutique hostel mini bedroom design - Hostel Jyvaskyla

boutique hostel bedroom design - Hostel Jyvaskyla

boutique hostel decor - Hostel Jyvaskyla

The common area provides travelers with a kitchen drenched in ebony cabinetry, standing out with an artistic flare against the light wood cubicles. While industrial style lighting hangs in random order amidst the space, further creating texture and tone.

As is the traditional Finish lifestyle, a sauna (and hot tub) is also part of this boutique hostel experience, bathed in typical cedar and looking curiously inviting; it is sure to be an excellent way to spend an evening after a long day exploring.

boutique hostel closet design - Hostel Jyvaskyla

boutique hostel lighting design - Hostel Jyvaskyla

boutique hostel kitchen design - Hostel Jyvaskyla

Architects: Studio Puisto Architects
Photography: Pauliina Salonen

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