Play Design Hotel Room Interiors

Play Design Hotel Future Lab

Play Design Hotel Future Lab is a cross between a swanky, minimalist, modern boutique hotel – and a science project! Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this project allowed local designers to offer their creations to an international crowd, all in a way that harnessed conceptual design and 21st century appeal, while keeping a small element of tradition and implementing a side of quirky.

As an entirely local-based project, each room is fitted with products from locally sourced designers, such as the duel-purpose table at the foot-end of the bed, Edison bulbs along with wire and wicker fashioned lighting this is strung overhead, while a brass multi-purpose stand is poised in the corner to be used as guests see fit.

Boutique design hotel room interiors

Boutique hotel bedroom design

Whether it’s prints propped up along the headboard, or Bunsen burner coffee cups and test-tube vases on the coffee table, each furniture piece and decorative item is hand-picked and filled with personalized character.

Boutique hotel glassware design

Boutique hotel flower tube design

In addition to the unique nature of the rooms, guests can opt to design their own stay, as well as offer feedback to the hotel in order for designers to improve upon or further promote pieces people love. Acting as part hotel and part art gallery, Play Design Hotel is all things fabulous and looks like a ton of fun.

Boutique design hotel work desk

Boutique hotel bathroom design

Boutique hotel terrace design

Boutique hotel ashtray design on terrace

Design: Pei-Ying Lin, Kuang-Yi Ku, Paul Gong
Photography courtesy of Play Design Hotel

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