laptop case wooden 3 - Wooden Laptop Case: one of a kind

Wooden Laptop Case: one of a kind


Sometimes, there’s an item that looks and feels so fine, you just got to have it. And no doubt the Wooden Laptop Case by Rainer Spehl is one of these items. Imagine a wooden case with leather lining and magnetic closing that will carefully hold your precious MacBook Pro. Isn’t it gorgeous?

These elegant laptop cases are truly unique, and you’d probably wont see too many of those while riding on the subway to work. However, if you’re looking for an even more one-of-a-kind case, you’ll probably be happy to hear that there’s also a limited edition in stained black Oak with grey leather lining by the name of The Noah Laptop Case. Made in collaboration with Berlin based fashion label, UCON.




* More info at Rainer Spehl


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