weather station nebula 2 50x50 - Nebula 12: What's the weather like?

Nebula 12: What’s the weather like?


When I first stumbled upon the Nebula 12 from Micasa LAB it took me a couple of seconds to realize what it was I’m seeing… Let me tell you about this revolutionary gadget – it’s a self generating indoor cloud connected to Meterological data to show what’s the weather like outside! How cool is that?!

This extraordinary concept functions just like your own indoor weather station – wake up below a natural-looking cloud on an overcast winter morning, or if you’re lucky to a flooding yellow light on a sunny day…



The Nebula 12 will forecast the local weather, involving some peculiar techniques like liquid nitrogen, hot water, high power vacuum suction, and WiFi keeping it connected to your Nokia Lumia.


Settings can be adjusted according to your preferences, such as color and brightness, or even defining the source of information itself.
As they say in Micasa LAB:

“…regardless of how dark the cloud is, Nebula 12 never brings rain. At least, not within one’s own four walls.”




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