ecocamp patagonia domes 50x50 - EcoCamp Patagonia Domes: A sustainable hybrid hotel

EcoCamp Patagonia Domes: A sustainable hybrid hotel


Have you heard about Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile? It is a National Park with mountains, a glacier, a lake, and river-rich areas in southern Chilean Patagonia. Torres Del Paine is the peak of the mountain range, Cerro Paine reaching 3050 meters above the ocean level…We’re talking about one of the most natural places in the entire planet with its unique environment. So, how can an exclusive spot like this receive tourists without damaging its natural resources? EcoCamp Patagonia Domes is the Eco –friendly architectonic answer to this defying challenge.

Suite domes were conceived for sleeping in the highest level of comfort allowed by sustainable development in a natural atmosphere. This extraordinary Geodesic dome has a built area of 28sqm and presents a volume shape quite similar to the ancient Kaweskar tribe dwellings. The structure is composed by a hybrid combination of wood and the traditional tent material providing an efficient thermal and wind resistance, with great exposure to nature in the most outstanding Patagonian scenery.


Guests can look at the stars through the ceiling windows while falling asleep, after a stunning sunset spectacle seen from the private deck terrace. Each Dome has a generous sleeping area, a private bathroom with a composting toilet and a modern low-emission wood stove. Although it’s remote location, EcoCamp Patagonia Dome has the minimum electricity required for charging laptops and cameras. Eco-friendly architecture seems to be seeded through the natural slope of this amazing mountains waiting patiently to be discovered…



Photography: Cascada Expediciones

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