designline tv philips 50x50 - Philips DesignLine TV: it's television, redefined.

Philips DesignLine TV: it’s television, redefined.


If most design trends didn’t already make it clear, our future is flat. Not boring, that is, but flush, full of industrially designed products admiring the sharp square and smoothness of the untouched surface of a lake.

The new DesignLine TV from Philips is a companion to this flatly designed future. Consisting of a single sheet of glass, when turned off, the DesignLine looks more like a spotless window than a television. Because of its sleek form, the DesignLine can be arranged just about anywhere in a room and look attractive.

Wouldn’t it be a fun surprise, too, for a friend to walk through a room, ask you why you have a big piece of glass leaning on the wall, and then stand back stunned as they watch you turn it on to display bright HD and active 3D picture?


Like all modern TVs, (or should we start calling them TVComputers now), the DesignLine features Wi-Fi connectivity, bringing your on-line life to display on this impressive pane of clear glass.

For fans of minimalism and clean design, the DesignLine is a perfect feature. Like a glass tower in a city, the DesignLine seems to disappear until the viewing begins.

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