livescribe wifi smartpen 2 50x50 - Livescribe Sky: Did I Forget to Do That? No. It's Backed-up.

Livescribe Sky: Did I Forget to Do That? No. It’s Backed-up.


What if you’re a rather forgetful person? You should write everything down. But what happens if you’re the kind of person who forgets his notepad, too? Well, you’re completely hopeless, I have no advice for you. Perhaps anticipating my cynicism, the Sky, a wi-fi enabled smartpen from Livescribe, was designed, maybe not for the forgetful, but at least to help them out a little.

Beyond your writing, the Sky is equipped with a microphone to record your meetings, lectures, or any audio notes you’d like to archive. The rather amazing thing about the audio capabilities of the Sky is potential to playback a section of your notes by tapping on the section of your paper you’d like to hear again.

For further backup, the Sky partners with Evernote to synchronize all your notes to the cloud. Then, you can access all your notes on your iPad, laptop, smartphone, and maybe even your good old ringed notebook.

The Sky seems fit for anyone who demands a little safety for their record keeping.

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