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Closca Fuga Foldable Bike Helmet

Just when you thought you had seen it all, there’s more to see, and the Fuga foldable bicycle helmet is exactly such an item one must see to believe! This cranial protection clearly took the creative thought process to an entirely new level, turning safety measures into a convenience one can’t “live without” – literally and figuratively.

This brainchild creation, designed by Spanish design team Closca, is a foldable helmet that offers both security as well as style. From the variety of colors it comes in, to the accessories it comes with; this is not just a helmet – it’s a fashion statement for smart safe people.


The Closca Fuga comes ready with a grey visor, and various other combinations can be included within their accessories to make your headwear as individual as you are.
With so many people choosing to stay active and use a bikes as their main means of transportation, this addition to your chosen lifestyle simply offers a foldable further convenience to such matters.

Offering free shipping and a 2-year warranty, it seems like an affordable investment to make – if not simply for the “intrigue” factor!


Design: Closca
Photography courtesy of Closca

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