wooden bike bsg7 800x533 - WOOD.b


Boltz & Saos (BSG) was founded by Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, a brilliant team of designers working out of their studio housed in Strasbourg, France. And it is out of this design studio their birth child – Wood.b – was born. Wood.b is a design shared equally by this twosome, both in the design elements, as well as in the passion they decidedly feel for this mode of emission-free transportation. From the start, they were no strangers to the phrase: “don’t reinvent the wheel”, but that is exactly what Boltz & Saos did. And they did it with flare!

Designing a bike in France, you can be certain that the fashion elements were just as important as the function elements, but the design was enhanced by the fact that this bike offers customized capabilities, and is made of recyclable material – adding to it’s eco-friendly charm.



The plywood and ash is a solid European choice, and the Crmo steel allows for durability wherever the bend in the road might take you.
Although BSG offers 4 different versions of Wood.b, it does not indicate any variation to the structure of the bike, but only alters slightly the design elements, while keeping the quality in tacked.




You will find each WOOD.b to be truly unique, offering a fresh spin on timeless transportation, giving the public a bicycle that is equal parts rugged steel, with a side of hardy sexiness. The only area you need to tackle now, is finding a unique and fashion-forward helmet to compliment your new ride!


Design: BSG Bikes
Photography: by spielplatz. 2013

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