macbook sleeve cocones 50x50 - The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design

The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design


Modern technology can seem kind of cold. It’s just the design. With emphases on metallic finishes, aluminum construction, and monochromatic color palettes, especially in the Apple product family, gadgets don’t convey the warmest emotional feeling, or texture. Then leave it to the accessories to give you a little more comfort.

Take the Macbook Air sleeve from Cocones, and you’ll see how a simple protective case can make your sleek aluminum laptop seem like an old, perfectly-worn book.

With a regal leather buckle running down the middle of the case, the sleeve almost resembles an important ledger that is used to record visitors to a massive cathedral. Because it is composed of Merino wool felt, please hesitate to rub your cheek against the sleeve, no matter how soft it feels.


Your life might be efficient and slick with your various modern products, but it always feels good to allow a little texture in there other than plastic and aluminum. Suited for most Macbooks, there is a woolen sleeve for the 11” and 13” Macbook Airs as well as the 13” and 15” standard Macbook Pros.


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