imac stand hirise 50x50 - HiRise for iMac: To Better Your Back

HiRise for iMac: To Better Your Back


Ergonomics are everything. Sure, you could huddle over your laptop with a u-shaped posture, your legs sort of splayed out in no particular pattern, and your neck tipped at something like a 79-degree angle. But with habits like these, we’ll return to that arched form of our monkey-like ancestors, except will be expert coders. But we all know that what our teachers told us about a good posture is an important step to us feeling good about our work. It’s helpful to use a standing desk, but it’s exhausting to stand for six to eight hours per day if your unfamiliar with it. But for those who want to build an ergonomic work space, the HiRise is a good start.

For iMac, MacBook, the iPhone 5, and the iPad Mini, the HiRise series from Apple-exclusive accessorizer Twelve South consists of simply designed stands that elevate your Apple display to the height you need to feel physically comfortable while immersed in your work. The HiRise models are all consistent with the austere aluminum design of the current Apple product line, each one fitting perfectly with your MacBook Pro, iMac, or Thunderbolt display.


All of the HiRise models are adjustable. The iMac version is designed as a slick aluminum stand within which are multiple slots perfectly sized for the base of the current iMac iteration. If you keep your display high, the extra space within the HiRise stand can be used as a simple shelf for your iPhone or wallet. Don’t fear the size of your computer because each HiRise was designed to handle the weight of its corresponding laptop or tablet.



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