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Carry-On Folio Sleeve

Designed by Remy Nagelmaeker, the Carry-On Folio Sleeve by Mujjo is the traveling aficionado’s best friend. Offering a striking look with a lightweight appeal for the easy and accessible transport of your 12” Macbook, this folio offers function unlike any other.

Formed according to Mujjo’s signature designs and quality workmanship, the folio comes fixed with a handle made of two layers of 2.3mm leather for enhanced strength. Gun-metal rivets add a certain metallic beauty, and double stitches ensure durability for even the most rugged and adventuresome of travelers.


A high quality gun-metal YKK zipper extends through 3 sides of the sleeve, offering an opening along the horizontal and vertical sides of the leather folio, giving your Macbook easy in-and-out capabilities on a whim. And while you’re on the go, there’s also a place for you to store your credit cards and other small accessories.

Whether you are the type to pack twelve outfits for a two-night trip, or prefer to wander with just the clothes on your back, the stylish Carry-On Folio Sleeve is designed specifically for ease of travel and is made to last.


Design: Mujjo
Photography courtesy of Mujjo

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