usb drive bridge4 50x50 - Bridge USB Drive: For What You Don't Want in the Cloud

Bridge USB Drive: For What You Don’t Want in the Cloud


You can only attach a song or two to an eMail before you reach the data quota. And I’m sure few people pay every month for more storage with a cloud service like Dropbox. Most of us though, or at least I want to be able to quickly transfer files from my laptop to my best friends smartphone as quickly as I can without having to first synchronize a playlist to my Dropbox folder and send my friend the link so that he can then download the content.
Bridge, by Leef, a new kind of USB flash drive, aims to speed-up data sharing between devices.

Simply a flash drive with a micro-USB and USB end, Bridge allows you to drag data to the device and then transfer it to another device all within the time it takes files to transfer. Because of its micro- and regular USB connectors, you can transfer a movie from your smartphone to your laptop with no hassle.

Available in 16, 32, and 64GB models, Bridge has plenty of space to transfer whatever files you need to.



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