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The MediaFlair: Returning to the Family Road Trip


Before the recent boom in mobile electronics, whenever my family went on a road trip, we’d either bring a portable CD player in the car to listen to audiobooks, or we’d watch DVDs on my father’s laptop. This required a certain consistent family diplomacy, considering the fact that we all had to agree on what book we’d listen to or what movie we’d watch. There were no smartphones with Netflix and Audible apps at this point; if I didn’t like a movie and everyone else did, I had to watch it. But, for all the grumpiness that was the result of having your choice of movie voted out, there was always a certain family bonding on those trips that was important.

And, in a way, the MediaFlair returns the road trip experience to the family adventure. Since everyone seems to be in their own worlds with their earbuds in and attentions tuned to their personal media, the days of the family road trip seem like an impersonal plane ride. But the MediaFlair enables a collective media sharing experience.

Simultaneously a media storage and streaming device, the MediaFlair enables you to load movies, music, and other familiar media to an SD card that slides into the compact dock. Acting as a wireless bridge, MediaFlair can stream a video to my smartphone, a song to my sister’s laptop, or download an eBook onto my father’s tablet.

While everyone is content with their own film choice, they can all share the experience with the centralized experience that is the MediaFlair.

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