solar window charger xd 50x50 - Solar Window Charger: All the Potential Power

Solar Window Charger: All the Potential Power

Solar energy is still massively underutilized. Every day, the sun emits 174 petawatts of potential energy. That’s a number including a lot of zeros if converted back into our more standard measurement of watts. Considering how many electronics we use, it’s folly solar energy isn’t connected to our lives all the time.

Thinking of the most everyday tool, our smartphone, the Solar Window Charger was designed to accomplish something we usually do by plugging our phone into an outlet and sucking down a little bit of electricity. The Solar Window Charger sticks to your home or office window and connects to your smartphone with a USB charger.



The small solar panel on the chargers surface that faces towards the sun stores energy on a battery that then transfers power to your smartphone or other USB-chargeable device.

As a design, the Solar Window Charger is very straightforward. A smooth surface supports the solar panel to its opposite. A simple, black suction device adheres the panel to the window. The charger has one task, and it is designed to do so and nothing more. It takes what energy sunlight gives it and passes that energy on.

Photography courtesy of XDdesign.

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