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Bolt Battery Charger: Grab & Go Power

The Bolt Battery Charger by Fluxmob is said to be the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger for your iphone. The maximum dimension of the Bolt does not even reach three inches. This just makes me think that electronics have gotten so efficient that it is really down to bolts of electricity.

In three different color coordinates, known as Stealth, Argon, and Crimson, the Bolt Battery Charger is basically just a small cubic device that shows how much power is available with a few indicator lights on its front. The design is just that simple, with the sharp change in color being the only other truly “designed” feature. It’s made for the business of charging and doesn’t waste time on ornament.




The Bolt Battery Charger isn’t made for constant use but for that moment when you’re in a battery crisis. Even if you charge your phone overnight, maybe you hit that moment in the late afternoon and you’re called to work a few hours later. The Bolt Battery Charger will get you through, if only your boss orders donuts for the extra hours, too.



Photography courtesy of Fluxmob.

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