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MyQ Garage: Closing Your Door From Anywhere

While I wouldn’t wish this affliction on anybody, do you ever perpetually worry that your garage door is still open every hour you’re at work? You remember and re-remember your order of waking up, preparing for the day, entering the garage, opening the door, backing out, and then you completely forget what happens after. You cannot be sure. And that day, you get no work done.

Have no more fears and no more unproductive days. The MyQ Garage is a monitor for your Garage Door that connects to your home Wi-Fi and sends signals to your smartphone allowing you to open and close the door at will.


If you’re away from home and for some reason your garage door opens, the MyQ companion smartphone app will notify you—then you can call your kids and make sure it was them who opened it when they got home from school.

The MyQ configures with most modern garage doors that operate with an automatic opening and closing system. All that the MyQ consists of is a Wi-Fi router, a sensor, and the smartphone app.

Well, with the MyQ, there’s another worry that you don’t have to deal with again.


Photography courtesy of Chamberlain.

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