wireless storage lacie fuel - LaCie Fuel: Media, Media, and Media

LaCie Fuel: Media, Media, and Media

Think of the size of things these days. When the first consumer personal computers were released, they hosted up to 64 kilobytes in data storage. For what you could do on the Apple II, say, that was sufficient. But what about this, the LaCie Fuel wireless storage device. It can store up to a terabyte of information that can all be accessed on the same LaCie wireless network.

1 terabyte—that’s about a billion Apple IIs!

But we need that kind of storage these days. The LaCie Fuel can just about every media wirelessly that can all be accessed via your iPad. The Fuel can even connect and stream to Apple TV and other AirPlay devices.

There’s even a 2 terabyte model of LaCie Fuel that is perfect for the film buff who needs to keep loads of movies on hand at all times across five devices.


The advantage of the LaCie Fuel is that it creates its own wireless network. Say you’re on a family road-trip and you all want a different movie, there’s no 4G service, and there’s about to be a tense moment. It can all be diffused with the LaCie Fuel…

Photography courtesy of LaCie.

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