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Trakdot Luggage Tracker

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker is an absolutely brilliant invention. Most travelers (myself included) have unfortunately experienced having their luggage arrive later (up to a few days later) than their flight. On other occasions, the luggage gets lost and you can never recover your belongings. The Trakdot is a smart tracking device that lets you know via SMS where your luggage is at all times. This nifty little gadget also looks great- it is just a few inches big and has an orange interior and a sleek black cover.

The Trakdot is very easy to use. First, you pack it in with your clothes. Then you check-in your luggage with the device in it. The Trakdot uses patented micro-electronics and ground-based cellular telephone technologies to track and report (the technology operates in a similar fashion to GPS technology, but is not GPS).


During a flight, Trakdot’s technology knows to enter an ‘airplane mode’ and shuts down all transmission and reception capabilities. Upon landing, the technology knows to turns itself on and connect to a local cellular network. The Trakdot then sends you an SMS informing you of the exact location of your luggage.

Another great advantage of the Trackdot is that it works with all cellular phones- basic and smart. The Trackdot comes with a 2 year warranty.

Design: Trakdot
Photography courtesy of Trakdot

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