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Breath Humidifier

The Breath is a technologically advanced ultrasonic humidifier that lets you easily control the air moisture levels in your home. Using a single button you can choose from one of three operating modes- high, low and automatic. The Breath is very easy to use and energy efficient. Furthermore, a lot of thought also went into its design. It has a soft cone shape with a clean black or white finish- a minimalistic and simple style that is certain to compliment any modern decor.

Using the Breath is simple since the system has only one button. If you select the high mode, the Breath will work for about 12 hours and have a high mist output to humidify a very dry environment.

If you choose the auto mode, the system will calculate the humidity level and release the most precise amount of moisture into the air. Additionally, once it has adjusted the humidity levels, it will enter a sleep mode which saves both energy and water.

Using the auto mode, the Breath can work for over 24 hours. You can also choose the low mode and enjoy 24 hours of continuous moistening.

The Breath is environmentally friendly and uses less power to deliver top notch performance. While it is small in size (20x20x26 cm) it can hold up to 3.15 L and it has a capacity to humidity up to 400sq.ft / 28m2. It is very quiet and produces less than 25db sound. It weighs 1.1KG, has a rating voltage 100-240v, a frequency of 50/60hz and power of 20W.

Design: roolen
Photography courtesy of roolen

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