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Microsoft has launched a truly revolutionary technology called HoloLens. It’s based on holograms (yeah! you heard correct) and lets users see the world and interact with digital information in a whole new way. I wonder what they’ll think of next…

All the digital data you want can be displayed on holograms in your natural environment. Using a special headset, you can interact with this data and manipulate it with incredible ease.

For example, you can play a game and spread it out throughout your room or you can design a new object and easily make modifications in 3D. Also, all of the information can be easily shared with others which means that the way we interact and communicate ideas is going to fundamentally change.

The HoloLens frees you from your “computer” and lets you interact with data using a specially designed headset. The headset includes a transparent lens with advanced sensors that enable the virtual reality holograms to be superimposed onto your real environment. You can see both worlds and move confidently within them.

In the HoloLens reality there is no need for cords, phones, wires or tethers. The headset also has built-in spatial sound that enables you to hear the holograms wherever they are in the room with superior precision. The HoloLens technology is operated using Windows 10.


Design: Microsoft
Photography courtesy of Microsoft

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