shopping cart hook go - Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!

Hook & Go: Let the shopping begin!


I love to go shopping, but every time I find myself carrying at least five uncomfortable bags that really limit my hands, and let’s not forget about the weight that makes it even harder as I bounce from one store to the other. So I’ve decide to get myself the Hook & Go, and ever since I never leave home without it.

This handy shopping cart is perfect for farmer’s market, shopping malls, grocery shops, and more – That’s it, I’m hooked, let the shopping begin!

With most shopping trolley bags we just pile our stuff one on top of the other, creating a big mess. The Hook & Go features individual rings that can hold up to eight shopping bags, be easily maneuvered, and transport up to 70 pound of groceries and bags.

With a minimal assembly you can also use this great cart to carry bags or groceries up the stairs, so it’s perfect for those of us who live in apartment buildings. The Hook & Go is also lightweight and can be easily folded up for storage or transport. And with those high quality rubber wheels you can take this baby for a spin even on the roughest city pavements and it will still roll smoothly.

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