caldera ashtray - Caldera ashtray: smoking hot

Caldera ashtray: smoking hot


Even though smoking is not considered “fashionable” or “politically correct”, I still like the romantic concept of smoke-filled salons of the roaring 20’s, filled with authors and artists drinking excessively, smoking and dancing the Charleston.
Though its design is definitely more modern, the Caldera ashtray caught my eye because I could see it fitting in nicely in any party situation – bar, dining room or lawn. Though I wouldn’t recommend smoking to anyone, if you do have a need for an ashtray, at least use the Caldera and put your butts out with style.

Like all products designed by Carl Mertens, the Caldera is elegant and stands out. Made of matt stainless steel it is very stylish and minimalistic. The ashtray is constructed of two parts that maximize functionality without losing the aesthetic quality even when being used.

The top of the ashtray has a funnel-shaped interior with a hole for the stub that extinguishes the cigarette without the need to press it down, the ash and dog-ends simply fall down into the bottom section.

To empty the ashtray, you just easily separate the top from the bottom, tip out the butts and clean it. Another practical feature is that the funnel and hole protect the ash from the wind so you can use it outside without having those nasty bits of ash fly all over you or your guests.

Carl Mertens products are considered award winning, design classics. The Caldera ashtray has all the qualities of the brands’ design philosophy: practicality, fine quality and styling, long-lasting.

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