women headphones frends 21 50x50 - Frends Headphones: brains and beauty

Frends Headphones: brains and beauty


From our heads down to our toes, we women accessorize everything, so it was only natural to transform a once utilitarian product like headphones into a chic fashion statement piece. Designed with fashion in mind, the NYC based Frends headphones are sure to attract spinning heads and gawking stares. Continue reading

wood earphones thinksound 4 - Thinksound Wood Headphones: it all starts with the sound

Thinksound Wood Headphones: it all starts with the sound


Coming from the music industry world makes me very meticulous when it comes to sound. There is so much of the story that gets left untold when the quality of sound is poor, which is not cool. You could get yourself one of those clunky headsets that DJs and beat producers wear, but I will let you in on a little secret; not all headphones are created equal.

If you want to experience music in the way your favorite artists or bands intended, then you are in luck. The professionals at Thinksound have designed a series of Wood Headphones that is sure to deliver crisp, studio quality audio so you won’t miss a beat. Continue reading

earphones vers 1e - Vers 1E Earphones: The sound of nature

Vers 1E Earphones: The sound of nature


We all love to listen to music, but there’s a huge difference between ‘listening to music’ and ‘enjoying it’. The 1E Earphones from Vers are all about enjoying music while keeping everything in style. This unique earphone set is crafted from sustainably sourced hardwoods and bamboo which grant the mellow sound of nature each time you plug them into your device.

With a passive sound isolation design this natural treat grants you the blocking of 90% of the surrounding sound, while making every tune crystal clear. Another great feature is the integrated microphone built into the cord, allowing you to mute, play and pause. Easy to use, simply plug the 3.5mm jack into your favorite device – iPhone, iPad, MP3, or any other media player, and enjoy. Continue reading

iphone earphones eartones 7 - earTones: The little earbud that does it all

earTones: The little earbud that does it all


These days you’ll find the market is packed with various earphones, however not all of them provide us with the whole package. This is exactly why I was so hipped to try out my new iSkin earTones – the perfect earphone that combines style, comfort, clean rich sound, and most of all – control.

With a wide, dynamic range of HD stereo sound, these compact earphones rock! And that’s not all, it also includes a built-in remote and integrated mic, which lets you control your device to play, forward and skip through music tracks, control video playback in YouTube, use Skype and iChat, and of course answer and end phone calls – From now on everything is under control with a squeeze of a button. Continue reading

bluetooth headphones jaybird 3 - JayBird Sportsband: Sound Control

JayBird Sportsband: Sound Control


Remember the original headphones, with their gigantic ear-speakers and dirty sound that you had to fix somehow with a never-ending cable… Nowadays, we can enjoy clear, crisp sound, on the go. And the JayBird Sportsband is probably one of the best headsets you’ll ever see (and hear).

This is something special: you can enjoy your music wirelessly in CD quality thanks to apt-x, which cleans up, adds depth, bass and treble to your Bluetooth music. It has adjustable band and rotating earpads for a comfortable fit, 8-11 hours of music/talk time, great stereo sound and a set of controls with a concealed microphone for calls. With this headset you have sound control. Continue reading

crystal chicbuds - Retractable Crystal Earbuds: Crystal Clear

Retractable Crystal Earbuds: Crystal Clear


I hear music all day long. In fact, my iPod is with me all day long. I have it on my way to work, when I’m jogging or doing any type of exercise, when I’m doing my house chores, when I read or just chill out – all day long.

One of the things I love the most – and I believe most of us do too – is to stand out with a unique item. The retractable crystal earbuds are exactly that special item I’m referring to – stylish and elegant, and oh so brilliant. Continue reading

ipod earphones cordctrl 4 - *cordctrl - Control Your Wires

*cordctrl – Control Your Wires


If you’re like me then you probably throw your iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player in your bag and you’re good to go. Yeah, so? The problem is dealing with those annoying tangled earphone cords once you pull them out of the bag. *cordctrl will take care of that. It’s a nifty little gadget from Sweden, made from 100% high grade liquid injection silicone, that helps you keep your cords in order. Continue reading

earphones medis urbanears 1 - Urbanears Medis: Earphones that Click

Urbanears Medis: Earphones that Click


The unique Medis earphones from Urbanears let the user enjoy the best of both worlds: the compact size and convenience of an in-ear combined with the comfort, safety and health benefits of an over-ear. How do they do that? Via the EarClick patented fitting system. Continue reading

griffin headphone splitter - Smartshare Headphone Splitter: Invite a Friend to a Party of Two

Smartshare Headphone Splitter: Invite a Friend to a Party of Two


Smartshare is a cool headphone splitter from Griffin that lets you share your music and videos with a friend. It works with any iPod, or other headphone-capable device, featuring a slim volume control slider into each of its output jacks, which is pretty smart since some party goers like their music louder than others – Share your music, not your volume preferences. Continue reading

headphone splitter belkin - Rockstar Headphone Splitter: Share Your Music with Friends

Rockstar Headphone Splitter: Share Your Music with Friends


RockStar is a stylish splitter from Belkin that connects multi headphones to your iPod or iPhone, so you could start sharing your playlist, or add another iPod to mix songs and listen together – Now you can share your favorite music with friends and create your own music experience. Continue reading