usb flash drive currenkey - CurrenKey: USB Flash Drive with a Twist of a Coin

CurrenKey: USB Flash Drive with a Twist of a Coin


This is not a simple coin, but a tiny USB flash drive designed by 5.5 Designers for LaCie. Where is the the USB connector, you ask? Well, it’s hidden and can be revealed by a simple twist of a coin. Continue reading

hard drive case logic - Portable Hard Drive Case

Portable Hard Drive Case


This compact case provides excellent storage for transferring your portable hard drive from one place to another. Strong and durable, the semi-hard shell protects the drive, while the internal compartment has plenty of room for your electrical cables. Continue reading

usb flash drive keys - Key USB Flash Drive

Key USB Flash Drive


With so many USB flash drives in the market, what makes this one so special? Well, this USB 2.0 flash drive is shaped like a key and thin like a key, it’s ultra mobile and lightweight and fits perfectly on your key chain or in your pocket, letting you take your data with you wherever you go. Continue reading

bajca emoticon keyboard 3 - Bajca Emoticon Keyboard

Bajca Emoticon Keyboard


Bajca is the new “Smile Keypad” by Italian Adriano Design studio. From now on all emoticon-lovers can add 16 emotional keys to their computer keyboard with a simple USB connection. Continue reading

cool feet laptop 2 - Cool Feet: Keeping Your Laptop Cool

Cool Feet: Keeping Your Laptop Cool


My laptop gets really hot; in fact manufacturers now prefer the term ‘portable computer’ since using your laptop on your lap might cause an injury. That’s why when heard about Cool Feet, i thought to myself: how come no one thought about it earlier? Continue reading

cableyoyo 8 - Cool Cableyoyo

Cool Cableyoyo


I admit it. I cannot help collecting all those cool electronic devices; MP3’s, PDA’s, laptops, digital cameras, you name it. The only thing yanking my chain is all those cords and cables and the messy knotted tangle i am left with after connecting all of them. Continue reading

gelaskins2 - GelaSkins iPods and Laptop Skins

GelaSkins iPods and Laptop Skins

gelaskinsComputer laptop skins will probably be the next best thing, if it didn’t already grabbed your attention. I never understood why computer hardware companies especially laptops didn’t go for unique computer laptop skin design any sooner.

I mean, wouldn’t everyone want to place their special designed skin on their laptop which they probably carry with them everyday and anywhere. Who says a computer laptop skin should be black, gray or even white? Continue reading