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Cool Cableyoyo


I admit it. I cannot help collecting all those cool electronic devices; MP3’s, PDA’s, laptops, digital cameras, you name it. The only thing yanking my chain is all those cords and cables and the messy knotted tangle i am left with after connecting all of them.

That is why when i found out about the Cableyoyo i was truly thrilled. The Cableyoyo is an empty spool around which you wrap your existing cord; any cord up to 5mm in diameter, USB’s, firewires, data and telephone cables. Now, doesn’t that look a lot better?


When you’re finished coiling, two small inbuilt clasps will hold your cord at just the right length. Unwinding the cord is also very simple, just put your thumb and index finger in the center hole and pull the end of the cord.

Available in black, white and silver to match all your electronics, the Cableyoyo comes in a cool, ultra-thin design, which means you can fit it into those narrow pockets of your laptop bag with little bulging.




It also comes with an adhesive spindle, so you can stick the Cableyoyo wherever you want, like the back of your screen, on the wall or under your table.


Ah, life without cables…a dream come true.


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