usb multiboard uboard 50x50 - The Uboard Smart: For Us Obsessed with Order

The Uboard Smart: For Us Obsessed with Order


When I work, I often have a few specific things I like to keep in a certain orientation on my desk. My computer, a cup of coffee, my simple notebook for when I need a little analog activity, three pens, one blue, one black, one red, and a tablet of graph paper for drawing random sketches with a felt pen. While each of these things is somehow important to my routine, they have a tendency to clutter. Instead of distracting myself from my work by constantly pushing my notebook back to its appropriately obsessive position, or re-organizing my pens, it would be better to have an object that kept everything where I need it to always be.

The Uboard Smart, a tempered-glass table that sits above a desktop keyboard, permitting space for typing, is the kind of tool I need. Continue reading

docking macbook air lz 50x50 - Landing Zone 1.0 Pro: Docking Secured

Landing Zone 1.0 Pro: Docking Secured


As powerful as laptops are, these days there’s no real reason to have a desktop setup at your office and a Macbook Air left at home. But what you might miss from the workplace is the larger screen real estate. While they’re convenient, staring at an 11” Macbook Air display while trying to draft a new building will leave you a little disoriented. You could always plug-in an external monitor, but then you would just add a mess of cables to your workspace.

Designed for use with the 13- and 11-inch Macbook Air, the Landing Zone 1.0 Pro is the remedy for all docking concerns. With it, you’ll never need to transition from one computer to another. Continue reading

macbook sleeve cocones 50x50 - The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design

The Macbook Air Sleeve: Comfort Design


Modern technology can seem kind of cold. It’s just the design. With emphases on metallic finishes, aluminum construction, and monochromatic color palettes, especially in the Apple product family, gadgets don’t convey the warmest emotional feeling, or texture. Then leave it to the accessories to give you a little more comfort.

Take the Macbook Air sleeve from Cocones, and you’ll see how a simple protective case can make your sleek aluminum laptop seem like an old, perfectly-worn book. Continue reading

desk mat pad bl 50x50 - Desk pad: Looking hot in the workplace, whatever the stress levels

Desk pad: Looking hot in the workplace, whatever the stress levels


As more and more man hours in the world are spent at the desktop, we found a multifunctional mouse, keyboard (and detritus) mat to untidy workstations needing a bit of style and comfort. Continue reading

pen mouse keyboard penclic 50x50 - Penclic Mouse And Mini Keyboard: Click In Style

Penclic Mouse And Mini Keyboard: Click In Style


Ergonomics makes your work more comfortable and efficient. It all comes down to making you feel better, both mentally and physically, while doing a specific task. Swedish company, Penclic, designed a new set of ergonomic accessories for your computer – a wireless mouse and keyboard that will keep your desk minimal and tidy, your arms and shoulders free of stress, and your heart jumping for joy while working with such stylishly sleek gear. Continue reading

toshiba kirabook ultrabook 2 50x50 - Toshiba Kirabook: A Premium Ultrabook

Toshiba Kirabook: A Premium Ultrabook


Shed the television, the desktop, and the entertainment system that consumes a third of your room. Laptops, specifically ultrabooks, are transforming into more than multi-purpose tools. They incorporate the newest sound design, the clearest screen definitions, and the smallest form. While Apple may have branded the MacBook Air as the light, slim, aluminum-clad ultrabook class as the product to beat, every other familiar computer company seems to be adding their own designs to the ultrabook series, and they’re doing better then the fruit company. So now the ultrabook to beat is the Kirabook from Toshiba. Continue reading

touch mouse wedge 50x50 - The Wedge: A Little Love for the Mouse in the Days of Tablets

The Wedge: A Little Love for the Mouse in the Days of Tablets


These days, interaction with computers seems to be based on swipes and pinches. Less and less we hear the plunky typing associated with standard keyboards. If we’re typing anything, it tends to be silent, our fingers rapping on a tablet screen. A little late to the tablet and touchscreen tech world, but nevertheless transforming their business to fit the new technology, Microsoft designed the Wedge, a mouse with an exceptionally minimalist form made for Windows 8’s touch technology. Continue reading

samsung chromebox 50x50 - Samsung Chromebox: On a cloud

Samsung Chromebox: On a cloud


A bit of a gearhead, I get excited for products that I may not necessarily need or that I won’t use for months after I buy it. Additionally, terrified by clutter, I love tools that condense a lot of stray things into one whole. The new Chromebox by Samsung is a desktop alternative to the light, super fast Chromebooks that straddle the off and online computing worlds. And the Chromebox is one of these products that would clear a lot of space from my desk and motivate a lot of idle fiddling with the cloud-based application experience. Continue reading

arc touch mouse2 50x50 - Microsoft arc touch mouse

Microsoft arc touch mouse


For all those whose work requires long hours spent with a screen up front and a mouse in hand, Microsoft’s Arc touch mouse is going to bring loads of ease and comfort in the most elegant and stylish of ways. Practically designed to support your hand’s palm, it also catches attention with its sleek, thin lines, resembling a fine phone. Continue reading

laptop sleeve baubau 12 50x50 - BauBau Laptop Sleeve: The Ultimate Protection

BauBau Laptop Sleeve: The Ultimate Protection


For us laptop buffs there’s not a single moment of relaxation as far as our laptop is concerned. We constantly worry about it, and it gets worse once we have to leave the safety of our house and go out there… Most of the time I’m afraid that whatever I do, my laptop is just not protected enough; if it’s the rain that can penetrate my bag, or other stuff in my bag that could pressure it or even scratch it. Continue reading