memory stick tape2 50x50 - Mix Tape Memory Stick: Old School Love

Mix Tape Memory Stick: Old School Love


I can’t help it, every time I see something from “back then”, a.k.a. childhood, I melt and cannot resist. Remember the days with no mobiles? The days where we had to have special niche to the TV since it was so big and LCD wasn’t around? The days we thought cassettes were the ultimate answer to the huge, undeveloped records? In fact, it wasn’t so long ago, but everything changed so dramatically and so fast, that it seems like it belongs to the ice age… Continue reading

notebook kit logitech 5 - Logitech Notebook Kit: Laptop - Desktop

Logitech Notebook Kit: Laptop – Desktop


The innovation of the ‘note book’ has certainly added a new mobility and freedom to the day-to-day use of the laptop computer, whether it is at the office, home or on the move. However, no one has ever said that it is the most comfortable gadget to use, as the tricky touch pad and cramped keyboard can make simple tasks a real challenge.

Problem solved. The Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 combines a laptop stand with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Continue reading

laptop case hideway21 50x50 - Laptop Hideway: On Hand - Out of Sight

Laptop Hideway: On Hand – Out of Sight


I love the idea and the look of the ‘Laptop Hideaway’ computer case manufactured by Belkin. The bag is designed to accommodate a 15” laptop computer and to store the accompanying power supply and mouse. The three separate compartments provide enough room for extra items, such as a pen, ruler and magazine and one section is suitable for both widescreen and standard size screens. Continue reading

notebook stand cushtop 1 - CushTop Notebook Stand

CushTop Notebook Stand


As part of Belkin’s laptop@home line of accessories, CushTop is a stylish notebook stand that provides long-term, padded comfort when you use your laptop on your couch, bed, or floor, and if you need to get work done on the road, it’s the perfect companion for car, train, or air travel. Continue reading

mouse trap pad - Mouse Trap Pad

Mouse Trap Pad


If you tend to throw your laptop accessories into your backpack, then you’re probably familiar with the slightly damaged mouse and folded mouse pad. The Mouse Trap from Belkin is perfect for college students and people who travel with their laptop – It’s sleek, colorful and multifunctional. What more can you ask for, especially when you’re on the go… Continue reading

usb hub - USB 2.0 Plus Hub: Connecting All Your Gadgets

USB 2.0 Plus Hub: Connecting All Your Gadgets


Cell phones, PDA’s, iPod’s, you name it, nearly all our gadgets connect to our computer through USB. Now you can add USB ports for all your gadgets with the USB 2.0 Plus Hub, and at the same time remove desktop cable clutter with its cable-management feature. Continue reading

flash drive loop 2 - Loop Memory Key: Simple & Sexy

Loop Memory Key: Simple & Sexy


Some things you just can’t ignore, like the Loop for example – a simple, sexy computer flash drive that can store up to 2Gb on a high-quality Toshiba flash components. Each memory key comes with a colored lanyard, so you could wear it around your neck while making a fashion statement and keeping important memories safe and close to the heart. Continue reading

macbook bookarc - BookArc Notebook Stand: The Coolest Set-Up Your Desk Has Ever Seen

BookArc Notebook Stand: The Coolest Set-Up Your Desk Has Ever Seen


Designed by ‘Twelve South’, BookArc is an elegant notebook stand that vertically holds any MacBook, from MacBook Air to the 17” MacBook Pro. Park it next to your LED Cinema Display and you’ll have the coolest desktop/laptop set-up your desk has ever seen. Continue reading

imac backpack 2 - Apple BackPack: On Display Storage

Apple BackPack: On Display Storage


BackPack is an adjustable, sleek-looking shelf that attaches to the back of your iMac and other Apple Cinema Displays. Made from heavy gauge steel, this storage unit is perfectly sized to hold hard drives, USB peripherals, a Mac mini or your favorite action figure. This tiny shelf is out of sight! Continue reading

surfacepad macbook - MacBook SurfacePad: Cover It Up

MacBook SurfacePad: Cover It Up


Personalize your MacBook with the luxury, style and comfort of the SurfacePad – an ultra-thin sliver of super soft, luxury black leather, custom tailored to seamlessly cover your laptop keyboard deck and wrist rest area of your MacBook and MacBook pro. Continue reading