prefab cabin hara villa 3 - Hara Villa: Green Prefab Cabin from India

Hara Villa: Green Prefab Cabin from India


When I think of India, a modern prefab cabin is the last thing that comes to mind, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered this small villa by Mumbai designer and architect, who also launched India’s first lifestyle store, Pinakin Patel. This wooden villa comes fully furnished and since all parts are prefabricated, your holiday home or extra living quarters can be completed in no time. Continue reading

prefab cabin freya6 - Freya's Cabin: A Woodland Love Story

Freya’s Cabin: A Woodland Love Story


This beautiful prefab wooden cabin was inspired by a love story. It sits on the bank of Kielder Water and Forest, Northumberland, UK. It’s actually a tiny decorative piece of art, providing a stopping place for visitors walking or cycling along the lakeside path, while its beautiful surroundings serve as a stage set or backdrop to the fictional love story between Freya and Robin. Continue reading

prefab cabin mudgee 5 - Prefab Cabin for the Permanent Camper

Prefab Cabin for the Permanent Camper


If this unique piece of architecture doesn’t stop you right there, then I don’t know what will. It’s actually a small 3 x 3m prefab retreat, hidden inside a copper clad tower, offering panoramic views to the horizon. Featuring a rusty cube-like design with basically simple amenities, this house is referenced as ‘Permanent Camping’. Continue reading

prefab cabin monterosa 2 - Prefab Cabin: Monte Rosa Hut Swiss Bliss

Prefab Cabin: Monte Rosa Hut Swiss Bliss


This amazing prefab cabin is situated on an exposed location on 2883 m above sea level, surrounded by unspoiled and spectacular scenery, nestled between Switzerland’s Gorner, border and Monte Rosa glacier. Continue reading

mobile prefab sleepbox 1 - Prefab Sleepbox for Travelers

Prefab Sleepbox for Travelers


Designed by Arch Group, the Sleepbox is a small, prefabricated mobile solution for travelers who are looking for a space to work or relax, while waiting at an airport or a railroad station, without wasting time searching for a hotel. Continue reading

prefab house 19 4 - Prefab House No19

Prefab House No19


This small prefab home is a mobile studio for international artists, who will be invited by the municipal art program to stay and work for a limited period of time in the Netherlands. This compact building will change its location several times during the course of the planned activities. Continue reading

prefab house v 7 - Prefab Cabins: Outlook V Houses

Prefab Cabins: Outlook V Houses


Located in Yelapa, Mexico, these beautiful ‘outlook’ structures are self-contained, prefabricated rental units, which are delivered by boat and carried up the hill. They are spaced apart for privacy, and connected by walkways, stairs and railings, where each room has a spectacular view of the surrounding – an exceptional experience living above the jungle. Continue reading

prefab house braun 3 - Prefab House Braun

Prefab House Braun


This house is a small prefab cabin constructed from bales of straw. It is a cube-shaped structure, supported by concrete foundations, that includes an interior space of 860 sq .ft. with two floors and an attic, and a 377 sq. ft. terrace that extends onto an “outlook”, a hovering viewing platform overlooking breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Continue reading

best cabin design books1 - Bestselling Books: Cabin Design

Bestselling Books: Cabin Design

Whether you’re on a camping trip, a fishing vacation or a secluded romantic retreat – a small log cabin in the woods, by the lake or atop a mountain will bring you closer to nature. Here is our favorite selection of the best selling cabin design books, full of great ideas and gorgeous photographs of both luxury and rustic cabin design. Continue reading

prefab cabins stargazing 2 - Stargazing Cabins

Stargazing Cabins


Designed by Louis and Nathalie Blanco, Carré d’étoiles are small, cube-shaped prefab cabins scattered across resorts in France where stargazing tourists can rent them as the perfect vacation getaway – an invitation to discover nights out in the open air. Continue reading