shipping container cabin tree2 50x50 - Two-tree house: among Jerusalem pine trees

Two-tree house: among Jerusalem pine trees


Simplicity is one of the most audacious challenges that any architect can have. The Two-tree house shows us how this goal is always possible, and when it happens simply leaves no one indifferent! Why does it work? Let’s find out the main reason for the birth of this amazing prefab home. Continue reading

container guest house 5 - Container Guest House: Live Easily

Container Guest House: Live Easily


You don’t have enough room to accommodate your guests? Take a shipping container, place it in your garden and refurbish it as a home for guests. Just like the initiators of the next project did. As a result of their cooperation with the architects, they now can enjoy this cute metal addition as a guest house. Big windows, an outdoor space in the form of a narrow terrace, and even a canopy with street lamps: all the attributes necessary for a small home away from home. Continue reading

prefab guest house vato 6 - The Vato Guest House: Living in the Garden

The Vato Guest House: Living in the Garden


The Vato guest house, which can be found in the garden of an old family house near Stockholm, was meant to be an additional living space for guests. Therefore, its area was limited to be as small as possible, actually 452 sq. ft., while containing everything that is needed for a comfortable stay.

This small prefab consists of a bedroom and a bathroom (forming a quiet zone), and an open plan space of cooking/dining/living room. A cute, built-in bunk bed is also available in this area for lounging with a good book or simply as an additional sleeping space. Continue reading

prefab cabin lake sunset4 - Sunset Cabin: a modern 'primitive hut'

Sunset Cabin: a modern ‘primitive hut’


Picture yourself on a slope of a beautiful lake´s shore surrounded by trees waiting for the sunset. Now imagine a private retreat where all of this is possible while lying down in bed or even while having a shower. That´s Sunset Cabin! Continue reading

small prefab studio dc 6 - Dovecote Studio: a prefab ruin

Dovecote Studio: a prefab ruin


This unique small outbuilding serves as an extension of the campus for Aldeburgh Music in Suffolk. It combines old and new, modern and traditional in the most fascinating way – a Corten steel structure was prefabricated and craned into position on top of an existing ruin. The new prefab studio seems to be growing out of the original brickwork, soon to be covered by natural vegetation. Continue reading

modern prefab cabin montana 4 - Montana Modern Prefab Cabin: On Top of the World

Montana Modern Prefab Cabin: On Top of the World


Here’s another modern prefab for you – it’s a beautiful small cabin high up at Montana’s Tom Miner Basin. Supported by stilts, the prefabricated structure consists of two volumes, connected by an enclosed breezeway.

The larger unit consists of an open plan kitchen/living room, mud room, and bathroom, while the smaller unit is dedicated for sleeping – it even has an external staircase leading to a rooftop deck where you can pitch up at tent and sleep under the stars {how lovely!} – Located at 8,600 feet elevation with spectacular views of Paradise Valley, it feels like being on top of the world. Continue reading

prefab pod leap 4 - LEAP: Prefab Alpine Pod

LEAP: Prefab Alpine Pod


If you’re into serious mountain climbing – listen up! There’s a new way to live in the mountains and it’s called LEAP (Living Ecological Alpine Pod) – a modular shelter that is entirely prefabricated and assembled off-site; it’s completely self-sufficient, and designed to resist the extreme stress of high alpine altitudes. Continue reading

prefab cabin jensrisom 9 - Prefab Cabin: Oldie But Goodie

Prefab Cabin: Oldie But Goodie



This beautiful prefab cabin serves as Jens Risom’s getaway home. It’s nestled among Bayberry fields on Block Island, a popular summer tourist destination, located approx. 13 miles south of the coast of Rhode Island. Continue reading

prefab cabin doebay 4 - Doe Bay Cabin: Prefab SIPs Box

Doe Bay Cabin: Prefab SIPs Box


This modern prefab cabin sits in a beautiful location on Washington’s Orcas Island, a short walk from Doe Bay Resort. It serves as a small getaway home for a couple and their two young children. The challenge was to design a modest cabin in size and cost (but not in character) that will capture the spirit of its surroundings while reflecting the Japanese and Chinese heritage of the owners. Quite a task… Continue reading

camping huts swamp 8 - Swamp Hut: Glorified Camping

Swamp Hut: Glorified Camping


This unique, award-winning project consists of four tent-like cabins grouped around a central square deck. This cross-like, prefab structure features two sleeping huts, a wet hut serving as a washroom and a table hut – all sitting lightly upon the land. Continue reading