prefab home plans luminhaus - Prefab Home Luminhaus

Prefab Home Luminhaus


The Luminhaus, a Rocio Romero prefabricated home, is a modern mountain family retreat, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Amherst, Virginia. Continue reading

prefab studio laesely 01 - Laesely Prefab Studio

Laesely Prefab Studio


The Copenhagen-based firm of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, designed this small, prefab studio box. It’s crafted from an insulated wooden frame and exterior wall cladding and I wouldn’t mind using it as my favorite reading space. Continue reading

little house trailer1 - Little House on the Trailer

Little House on the Trailer


This small house is a spacious, prefab mobile home or portable office, offering high end custom construction. It’s a great solution when you’re looking for extra space or even a temporary space – It’s delivered on wheels and when you no longer need it, you can simply remove it. Continue reading

prefab house flake 5 - Prefab Flake House

Prefab Flake House


Located at a rural area of Nantes, France, the Flake House is an experimental, prefabricated building made of natural wood. The house features an irregular fracture where it is actually broken in the middle, with no apparent reason which is highly unusual or even madness, hence the name ‘Folie en Bois’. Continue reading

prefab summer house 5 - Prefab Summer House

Prefab Summer House


Located in Pian, Germany, this modern, wooden prefabricated house is simple, elegant and versatile – The perfect weekend home to share with family and friends. Continue reading

prefab home studio marine - Summerwood prefab studios

Summerwood prefab studios


We found some prefab kit designs, from Toronto-based Summerwood, which can easily double as a home studio, workshop or home office space – Check out some of our favorite prefabricated designs. Continue reading

prefab cabin blueskymod 5 - BlueSky Mod prefab cabin

BlueSky Mod prefab cabin


This ecologically friendly cabin, by Canadian architect Todd Saunders, is both cozy and modern. Estimated at a price of $127,000, the BlueSky Mod prefab cabin consists of two modules separated by a 9 ft wide unroofed breezeway. The reason for this unexpected design is simple – In this prefabricated cabin, experiencing nature is a necessity. Continue reading

prefab cabins shelter kit 4 - Prefab cabins Shelter-Kit

Prefab cabins Shelter-Kit


Check out these beautiful, prefab cabins from modular and prefabricated building manufacture, Shelter-Kit; they offer pre-cut, customized prefab homes, cabins and cottages as well as prefab barns and garage kits, specifically designed for assembly by owners with no prior building experience. Continue reading

prefab house johnson creek4 - Johnson Creek weeHouse

Johnson Creek weeHouse


Located in a magnificent wooded plot in Honesdale, Pennsylvania you will find the Johnson Creek weeHouse – a 2,200sf prefab retreat home. It consists of two prefabricated modules: a larger main unit accommodating most daily activities and a smaller sleeping tower. The main unit’s upper level offers magnificent views over the surrounding area. Continue reading

prefab sip panels - Prefab Bungalow In A Box

Prefab Bungalow In A Box


The Bungalow In A Box is a very flexible and adaptable, prefabricated Panel-Frame structure. I simply love their designs; they’re full of character yet very quick to assemble (1-2 days) with minimal impact on the neighbors and the site. Continue reading